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Who Is Next To Challenge the ROTW In The MSA Facebook Consensus Game?

Who Is Next To Challenge the ROTW In The MSA Facebook Consensus Game?

Time for a change in roles. MSA's Natalie Zolty is stepping round to the other side of the board. Ganesh Asirvatham is holding the reins for Team MSA.

Our latest opponent is no stranger to these consensus games. All this while she’s been behind the scenes, laboring tirelessly to arrange the consensus games for our edification and now her time to shine has finally come.

Natalie Zolty is a relative newcomer to competitive Scrabble having been introduced to the game by Karen Richards and Rick Blakeway. Late starter she may be but she’s certainly made great strides and is on her way to becoming the Superwoman of English Scrabble.

She spends her time cardboxing, running consensus games and working on the MSA Education programme. 

We’re on a 3 game winning streak thus far. Let’s see what the tile gods have in store for us. We’re breaking from tradition and using the MSA Sports Room to play this game. 

For newcomers , Natalie will be playing against the combined might of the internet audience. Anyone can offer an opinion as to what they think is the best move. Individuals will then engage in a healthy (hopefully!)  debate as to which move is better and the move that has the most support will be played. These games typically last a week or so, as our viewing audience are in different time zones and require time to provide their inputs.

To take part in the consensus game simply go to and like our Facebook page


 Latest MSA Consensus Game Standings

Event Start DateResultOpponent
17/12/2015LOST TOAllan Simmons
18/01/2016LOST TOLewis Mackay
01/02/2016LOST TOStewart Holden
10/02/2016BEATBrett Smitheram
22/02/2016LOST TOPiotr Andronowski
10/03/2016BEATDavid Eldar
06/04/2016BEATMatthew O'Connor
20/04/2016BEATGanesh Asirvatham
10/05/2016LOST TOPeter Thorpe & Nicky Deco AKA Posh n Freckles
30/05/2016LOST TOPichai Limprasert
20/06/2016LOST TOAndrew Fisher
06/07/2016LOST TOChris Lipe & Randi
28/07/2016LOST TOStewart & Sarah-Jane
21/08/2016BEATAndrew Goodwin
12/09/2016BEATMoiz Ullah Baig


About the MSA Sports Room

The idea behind the MSA Sports Room was to create a platform for mindsports enthusiasts of all levels to come to play and develop their chosen mindsport against a global base of players, or just their friends.

The MSA Scrabble tournament game is specifically set up to run as a live tournament includes tournament rules. You are able to play a phoney and challenge your opponent. Inside the game there is a chat function so you can talk to your opponent. 

The development team are continuing to enhance the game under the guidance of elite level players, and from the feedback we get from our users. Keep an eye out for new updates.


To play simply click the PLAY NOW button on the website, you will need to become a member, it is free all you need is an email address and password.


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