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UK Player Becomes World Scrabble Champion 2016

UK Player Becomes World Scrabble Champion 2016

Parasitic Wasp Gives New Champion A Huge Buzz.

 Grand Palais, Lille, France, Sunday 4th September 2016 

After competing against hundreds of talented Scrabble enthusiasts from 30 countries over 34 intense rounds of the MSI World Championships, Brett Smitheram, aged 37 from Chingford, has today proudly clinched the title of World Scrabble Champion 2016.

Brett was declared the winner after a nail-biting three round final.  As well as achieving the ultimate accolade for any Scrabble fan, Brett also won €7,000 in cash.

The crucial word played was BRACONID meaning a parasitic wasp, scoring 176 points.  Other strategic words played in the final round included PERIAGUA meaning a dugout canoe used by American Indians, scoring 76 points.  

Other words played throughout the final include; VARIEDLY, meaning in a varied manner scoring 95 points, SUNDRI, an East Indian tree scoring 28 points and GYNAECIA, meaning a flower scoring 95 points.

Brett commented: “I am absolutely thrilled to have won, it was a closely fought championship and Mark was a very impressive opponent to play.”

Brett, a top rated player aged 37, is a recruitment consultant and and was announced UK champion in 2000 as well as a quarter finalist in the 2014 World Scrabble Championship.  

The World Scrabble Championship final took place today at the Grand Palais in Lille, France in association with Mattel and Mindsports International.  For more information please visit www.MSIWorldChampionships.co.uk



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