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MSI 3rd World Championships Update

MSI 3rd World Championships Update

Updated Schedule - Still time to register

Revised schedule for the WSC to be held this August in Lille

After conversations with the team at MSI, Peter and I have agreed that the Pairs and online tournaments are to be cancelled due to the low interest so we have replaced Tuesday 30th with a 5 round warm up event.  

See below the revised schedule for the MSI World Scrabble Championships to be held at the Grand Palais Lille, France this August.


MSI World Scrabble® Championship

This event is open to all and split into two divisions.

Each division will have its own champion and all will be played in the same way. All divisions will play to a Semi and then Final.

Each Division is set by a WESPA rating.

The divisional splits are:

Division 1 Lexiko Rating 1700 + or by invitation by WESPA or the WMSF

Division 2 Mosher Rating up to 1699


Wednesday 31st August 2016, 8 games, starting from 9am

Thursday 1st September 2016, 8 games, starting from 9am

Friday 2nd September 2016, 8 games, starting from 9am

Saturday 3rd September 2016, quarter finals consisting of 3 games starting at 9am followed by semi-finals consisting of 5 games

Sunday 4th September 2016, Finals 5 games starting at 11am

Entry Fees:

Division 1 € 140  € 180

Division 2 € 140  € 180

Late registration after August 1st € 180

Prize Pool:

€ 25,000 in cash and prizes

Approximately 10% of the field will be paid out


WSC Warm Up Event

This event is open to all.
Dictionary: CSW
Challenge: 5 Points


Tuesday 30th August 2016, 10 rounds starting from 11am

Entry Fee:

€ 25 per person

Prize Pool:

Top 5 will get prizes depending on number of entrants


Saturday Scrabble

This is an 8 round tournament for players who do not make the top 8.

Entry will be FREE for participants of the World Scrabble Championships who register before 15th May 2016. This means you are assured 32 games and a chance at 2 prize pools.

This tournament is also open for players who do not want to play in the WSC but want to take part in the one day event. There will be a nominal entry fee of 20 euros.


Saturday 3rd September, starting from 9am

Entry fees:

€ 20

Free to players in the WSC if registered by 15th May 2016

Prize Pool:

€ 2,000 in cash and prizes


On the day of each tournament please arrive early and bring identification as checks will be made.


Other Tournaments happening during the week include:

World Youth Championships: Youth Schedule

Spanish World Championships: Spanish Schedule

French Championships: French Schedule

Catalan Championships: Catalan Schedule

Norwegian Championships: Norwegian Schedule

German Championships: German Schedule


To register for the event go to http://www.msiworldchampionships.co.uk/


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