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German Scrabble Championships 2018 Registered List

German Scrabble Championships 2018 Registered List

Riviera International Centre, Torquay UK. October 2018.




Ulrike BrodkorbGermany
Stefan MerxGermany
Johann-Georg DengelGermany
Nikolaus RuzicskaAustria
Timon BoernerGermany
Regula SchillingSwizterland 
Gabi ChapusGermany
Wolfram InngauerGermany
Beate ThormeierGermany
Inessa Hellwig-FabianGermany
Sandra LϋtzenkirchenGermany
Liesbeth SchönAustria
Maria FeigeGermany
Heike LaufsGermany
Adrian BaileyGreat Britain
Claudia AumuellerGermany
Alexander DingsGermany


German speaking Championships take place Friday 26th October 2018 - Saturday 27th October 2018 at the Riviera International Centre, Torquay, UK.

For more information and to register CLICK HERE and complete the form with all your details.

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