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New Word Tool App

New Word Tool App

Available on Android and IOS Download Today


Mindsports Academy are pleased to announce our new Word Tool App, available to download today on Android and IOS.


This app is designed to help you learn new words and improve your word game play.

  • Build your own library of words to study
  • Discover a new word each day with the ‘Word of the Day’
  • Check unknown words and learn their definitions
  • Learn new anagrams and make words with your own selection of letters
  • See how words and strings can be manipulated or added to, to make new words
  • Use the Adjudication section in tournaments, type in the word you are challenging and find out if it is valid



Free version contains only the School Scrabble Word List .

Access the full Word list and multiple languages with our premium version only £2.99, includes all languages used on the Mindsports Education platform and updates.


Go to the Play Store or App Store now to download search MSA Word Tool.


To download on Android click here

To download on iPhone click here


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