Updates, Results and Information

Updates, Results and Information

Find all updates, results and information on the World Scrabble Championships, Nottingham UK 22nd - 27th August 2017

Tuesday 22nd  August 2017 – Sunday 27th August 2017

The Old Museum, Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham Trent University, City Campus, NG1 4BU, plays host to the World Scrabble Championships.


Find all results, information and updates here. Most recent information will be at the top of this article.


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David Eldar of Australia is World Scrabble Champion 2017, congratulations. 


Please note all the games live streamed are currently on our Twitch channel for the next few days, they will be moved and be available here on the Academy website to view very soon.


Final Positions

1st Place David Eldar
2nd Place Harshan Lamabadusuriya
3rd Place Austin Shin
4th Place Goutham Jayaraman
5th PlaceNigel Richards
6th PlaceElie Dangoor
7th PlaceNeil Scott
8th PlaceMark Nyman


Finals 27th August 2017

 David EldarVHarshan Lamabadusuriya
Game 1 468 426
Game 2 575 384 
Game 3 450  420
Game 4 N/A N/A 
Game 5 N/A N/A 


3rd and 4th Playoff 27th August 2017

 Austin ShinVGoutham Jayaraman
Game 1 441 446
Game 2 541 392 
Game 3 458  336


Semi Finals 26th August 2017

 David EldarVGoutham Jayaraman
Game 1 488 483 
Game 2 422  489
Game 3 374  436
Game 4 536  450
Game 5 466  428
 Austin ShinVHarshan Lamabadusuriya
Game 1 379 522 
Game 2 449  442
Game 3 431 373 
Game 4 370 519 
Game 5 332 479 


Quarter Finals 26th August 2017

Group ANigel RichardsVDavid Eldar
Game 1467 545
Game 2 448 466 
Game 3 N/A  N/A
Group BAustin ShinVElie Dangoor
Game 1492 436
Game 2 473 418 
Game 3 N/A  N/A
Group CHarshan LamabadusuriyaVMark Nyman
Game 1394 299
Game 2 493 375 
Game 3 N/A  N/A
Group DGoutham JayaramanVNeil Scott
Game 1506 394
Game 2431  419 
Game 3 N/A  N/A


Sumbul Interviews David Webb


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