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Introducing MSA's Chess Ambassador Ieysaa


Chess is my virtual world of adventure. When I sit down for a game, it’s like I’m on the starting line of a race - except this is war! Just one mistake, one miscalculation or one oversight is often all that separates victory from defeat.


I started playing at age 4 and very soon I was addicted. My parents just watched me sitting silently in the corner playing online into the depths of the night at the rate of 100 games a month.

By age 6 I was playing in tournaments and never looked back. I have played all over the UK but also Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Corsica, Sardegna, South Africa, Czech Republic and UAE. I have met opponents of all ages and backgrounds and I have made plenty friends from around the world.

I might be 12 but at the chess board I’m not a child, I’m a chess player.


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Tambien Por Ieysaa Bin Suhayl

Youngest ever Chess County Champion in Cambridgeshire

Ieysaa is the new County Chess Champion

30+ days ago by Ieysaa Bin Suhayl

MSI Junior Rapid Chess Championship

I did it! What an extraordinary performance.

30+ days ago by Ieysaa Bin Suhayl

First day in Qatar

MSI 4th World Championship - Awesome

30+ days ago by Ieysaa Bin Suhayl

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