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Shawn Ray
Expertise Go
Shawn Ray is an avid Go instructor who seeks to spread Go throughout the West. He has been playing Go for over 9 years and is 4th Dan is strength. Shawn has taught many players online and on the popular site Youtube with thousands of subscribers and even more views. Additionally, he has worked for BadukTV (Go TV station) in South Korea to make beginner level videos. While working with MSA he hopes to spread Go even more in the West in order to make it a house hold game.
Bob Lynch
Expertise Go
Bob has played Scrabble since he was five-years-old and Chess since he was seven. His parents raised him using cognitive games as parenting and education tools. Bob was introduced to Magic in September of 1993, and that has been his game of choice ever since. Though he did enjoy a professional Magic career for a short period, Bob prefers the educational and social aspects of cognitive games. He has started multiple gaming clubs which include Magic, Chess, Scrabble, and others in several secondary and higher education institutions. Bob received his Doctoral degree from Lindenwood University. His dissertation is titled Higher Education Perspectives: Magic the Gathering’s Role in Whole-Person, Academic, and Career Development.

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