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First Saturday, Budapest

First Saturday, Budapest

June First Saturday



In the GM section the Serbian GM Ilincic won, 



The link to the GM section:


In the IM section the ENG FM McPhillips won, with 7.5 points his 2nd IM-norm.



The link to the IM section: 


The link to the NADASSY Scheveningen: 


The link to the Development group: 


The group photo 06 06 2018 Budapest




The next GM - IM norm possibility events: 

2. 12-20 June Balatonlelle, GM-IM.Open, www.rigochess.hu

3. 7-17 July First Saturday Budapest, www.firstsaturday.hu

4. 4-14 August FS Budapest,

5. 17-26 August, BSSZ-Aranytíz GM-IM, Open, contact: IO Nagy,

6. 1-11 September, FS Budapest, 

7. 15-23 Sept Balatonlelle GM-IM Open,

8. 6-16 October, FS Budapest,

9. 3-13 November FS Budapest

10. 23-30 November, Harkany, Tenkes Cup, OPEN,  http://www.baranyasakk.hu/  - 250 km South West from Budapest, 

11. 1-11 Dec FS Budapest. 

Who does wish more information - contact me....

Chessfriendly: IO Nagy, Laszlo 

E-mail: firstsat@hu.inter.net

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