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Another Amazing Victory

Another Amazing Victory

Maths A Levels

Hello Everyone!

I have just come back from School after collecting my A Level Exam Results for Maths.

I was really exited to see my exam results and guess what? I had got an A*!!

I got 93% in C3 and 89% in C4! I also had 97% in C1 and 91% in C2... Not bad for a 12 year old ;)

I am very happy that I got such a mark as I learned the subject mysef!

I hoped to get over 90% in C4 aswell but that didn't happen. This year I found the paper harder than previous years.

Later on today I will be heading to Qatar for the 4th World Mindsports Championships!! I can't wait to get to the aeroplane.

I will be there for the chess tournament and I am definitely going to try my best.


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