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We connect communities

Mindsports Community

We connect communities by providing a safe, fun and educational skill-gaming environment. The Mindsports Academy membership gives individuals the opportunity to become a part of a worldwide network of players through structured online and live events in Word Games, Chess and Go. We help connect communities by providing a friendly and safe environment. We care about the world, that’s why we are setting up initiatives to help Mindsports clubs, schools, parents, children and players. You can be a part of all this today!

What can you do?

Become an ambassador

Become an Ambassador

We have friendly ambassadors all over the world, who help promote Mindsports in different communities. Whether it’s helping at an event, writing an article or just playing online they are more official members of our community.

Help with a Mindsports Meetup

Mindsports Meetups

In June we will be launching Mindsports Meetups, where parents and children can play board games in a safe, friendly atmosphere. These events will be held in cafes, making it a fun and educational evening.

Write About Your Passion

Write About Your Passion

We’d love to know what our members get up to! If you are a player - you could write about how you started, some tips, whatever you think would help other members. If you’ve helped a charity in some way - we’d love to know the good deeds are members do.

Join A Charity Event

Join A Charity Event

At Mindsports we care about those in our community. We also try to help 6 core charities a year, by volunteering, donating etc. We dare to care - but do you?

Create Your Owen League

Create Your Own League

Our online platform provides a fun and friendly place to play Chess, Word Games and Go. Get your friends together and start your own league!

Play Chess, Word Games and Go

The Academy program focuses on stimulating Mindsports that involve strategic thinking with a fun element. Whether playing for fun or hoping to compete locally or nationally, the Mindsports Academy has opportunities available for all. Why not join today and see the great features we have on offer.

You Can Help Make A Change

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  • In-game currency
  • Multi-language play

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