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Meet the Tournament Team for the World Scrabble Championships 2018


We are delighted to announce the Tournament Team for the World Scrabble Championships 2018 to be held during October at the Riviera International Centre, Torquay.

The team will be led by the wonderful Amy Byrne of Scotland.

Amy directed the World Scrabble Championships 2017 and World Junior Scrabble Championships 2017 in Nottingham during August 2017 which saw David Eldar, from Australia, walk away as the newly crowned champion.


Amy joined the Edinburgh Club in 1985 when she moved to Edinburgh and is still a member today.  She was also a founder member of the Leith Club.  Amy first got interested in playing Scrabble when she saw some friends playing the game.  In an interview from last year with Daniel Stembridge, when asked ‘What are your favourite things about the game?’ Amy answered “The thing I love about the game is that every game is a fresh challenge and it does not matter who you play, there is always the chance to win! I love words and really enjoy learning new words.”

   Left to right: Amy Byrne, WJSC 2017 Champion Matthew O'Connor, WSC 2016 Champion Brett Smitheram and James Burley. Nottingham, UK.


Joining Amy for the World Junior Scrabble Championships 2018 starting 20th October 2018, will be a familiar face, Mr James Burley.

  Left to right: Brett Smitheram, Amy Byrne, myself  and James Burley. Taking an evening break during the 2017 Junior World Scrabble Championships, Nottingham.


James is a secondary school teacher and currently runs a Scrabble club in his school so is very adept in keeping players in check.

We were delighted to see James return, after being part of the formidable team with in Nottingham during August 2017. James ran the final weekend and you can find an extract from the first round of the grand final between David and Harshan here: https://www.mindsportsacademy.com/Content/Details/3752  


Last, but certainly not least, the final member of the 2018 Tournament Team is the lovely Peter Thorpe.

Peter will join Amy during the World Scrabble Championships 2018 starting Tuesday 23rd October.



When Peter is not playing the game, you will find him at the front running several tournaments around the UK. Here you will find a previous piece about running a tournament, he wrote for Mindsports Academy back in 2016: https://www.mindsportsacademy.com/Content/Details/1621

Peter was part of the tournament team who ran the 2016 World Scrabble Championships in Lille, France which saw UK’s Brett Smitheram crowned World Champion.


The World Scrabble Championships 2018 and World Junior Scrabble Championships 2018 will run October 20th to October 28th 2018 at the Riviera International Centre Torquay, UK.

We look forward to a great week of Scrabble, for more information and to register for the event visit: worldscrabblechampionships2018.com


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