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3rd MSA Sports Room Cup

3rd MSA Sports Room Cup

12 Challengers took some time out last night to battle for the title spot in the 3rd MSA Sports Room Cup.


Organiser and challenger, Daniel Stembridge, last night congratulated Brett Smitheram on winning the tournament:

'Congratulations to the World Champion Brett Smitheram for winning our latest online tournament. It was gruelling. It was gruesome. It was great fun!'


The online tournament was held last night (Wednesday 8th February 2017) in the MSA Sports Room. It was an open format so anyone could take part, up to 12 players, swiss format was used for the pairings.

Each player took part in 6 games each with 10 minutes on their clock.

Apart from our World Scrabble Champion, entrants included the 2016 Tournament Director, a couple of our regular MSA content contributors and players from Nigeria.


Brett stormed ahead 5-1, 2nd Placement Ed was the only one to get the best of him in their match.

Brett commented on his games:

'My favourites of the BBBs I played last night were: FIPPENCE (onto an E) WEAKFIsH, FASHIoUS (176 point 9 timer...176 becoming my favourite number) and EPIPHYTE (in a friendly against Peter Thorpe after the tournament)


List of Players:



Final Standings:


Calum looked after the scores and results which can all be found here:



Do keep an eye out for the next tournament, in the meantime to get in some practice pop along to the Sports Room today:



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