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What does the Mindsports Academy have to offer? How can we help guide you to improve your Scrabble game?

Welcome to Mindsports Academy (MSA), here at MSA we invite you to join our global community. The Academy offers many training resources, including videos, hints and tips, games and puzzles provided by our mindsport experts.


To help improve your Scrabble Game we have a selection of useful practice TOOLS and TIPS:


  • WORD CHECK – holds the latest Official Collins Scrabble Word List (CSW15), check your word is valid in the Scrabble game. Check up to 15 letters in length


  • WORD SOLVE – have a tricky rack? Simply type the letters into word solve and it will find all the possible outcomes for the letters you have


  • CARD BOX – Simple practice game. Challenge against the clock, make up as many words as you can, use the selection of letters on your rack and the word already on the board.


  • We have various hints, tips and guides in our TIPS section provided by various expert players


  • Practice your word play with our selection of PUZZLES and quizzes


  • Watch various VIDEOS containing tips, guides and previous championships


  • Read and share tournament and club NEWS


  • Pop along to our online SPORTS ROOM and play now in our tournament Scrabble Game, practice against the computer or challenge other players


The Mindsports Academy membership gives individuals and clubs the opportunity to become part of a worldwide network of players through structured online and live events as well as a participation programme involving stimulating Mindsports such as chess, Scrabble, Magic: The Gathering and Go.

Whether playing for fun or hoping to compete locally or nationally, the Mindsports Academy has opportunities available for all.

You can also connect with us on social media, which is a great way to stay up to date with all the news, happenings and events in the Mindsports community.

JOIN NOW for free and begin your Mindsports journey!


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Word Play

Using the grid below how many words can you find?

30+ days ago by MSA

Famous Words #42

Can you solve today's puzzle?

30+ days ago by MSA

Famous Words #41

Can you solve today's puzzle?

30+ days ago by MSA

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