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Sports Room Update 1.45

Sports Room Update 1.45

The development team are continuing to update the Sports Room to enhance the user experience. There are still more features to come, as the team continue to develop different aspects all feedback is appreciated.


The development team at Mindsports Academy have been working on various updates in the Sports Room. Some users may have experienced a few bugs and we thank you for your feedback without this we cannot continue to move forward, we welcome all your comments.


Enhancements and Bug fixes in this version include:

  • Majority of fixes in this update were to solve underlying issues and improve infrastructure as well as imrpove the layout on a wider range of devices.
  • Improvements made to player vs engine.
  • Fixed shuffling of tiles when opponents turn.
  • Spanish swap rule.
  • Spanish challenge rule.
  • On mobile devices including Apple you can save or bookmark to home screen. It will create a shortcut link by creating a MSA Sports Room icon on your device. 



Previous additions included:


This is our BETA version of multi languages. Although this has been tested by the Spanish & Catalan, we are waiting for a couple of rule variations to be applied (to the Challenge & Remaining Tiles rules). Therefore we will welcome any feedback/ variations that have been missed. In order to reflect that, this is a BETA version. We will giving all users 30 days  free premium access so they can access the Multi Language. After this initial period, members will have to hold Premium membership to play Multi Language. 



This function will allow players to find games easier as each player will have a status highlighted by the traffic light next to their username:

Green (Available) – Logged in to Sports Room but not playing a game.

Yellow (Playing) – Logged in & playing a game on an active board.

Grey (Away) – This player is away, which means they are logged in to the Sports Room but the browser is not active.

When another player challenges you an alert will sound out if your speakers are turned on.


Friends List:

By clicking on the ‘human’ a player can request friend ship with another player. If accepted this means that upon logging in, a player's friends will appear at the top of the player's list.

As a friend logs into the Sports Room a short alert will be heard.


Lobby Chat:

4 chat rooms have been applied to the main lobby (English, French, Spanish, Catalan). These are only available to members aged 13 and over. Languages & Chat settings can be modified in a Players profile on the main MSA site.


Login now or sign up and begin your journey: PLAY NOW 

Find our handy Spports Room guide here: Welcome to the Sports Room

But don’t forget to send any feedback to info@mindsportsacademy.com


Happy Scrabbling!


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