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$ Word Game and Chess Tournaments

$ Word Game and Chess Tournaments

Play in our $ tournaments

Take part in our first Word Game and Chess $ tournaments on Thursday 21st June at 18:30 BST.  

The buy in will be $1.12 and will be available for 8 players to join. 

The prize pool is automated by the number of players registered as with shield tournaments.

These tournaments will occur every couple of weeks, check the tournament tab for '$ Match' and session times.


What’s the catch?

You must use your correct details and email address. 

You must turn up at the designated time and play in the tournament. If you do not turn up to play this will be counted as a loss.

If you are unable to make the designated time, you can remove yourself before the tournament starts and your balance will be updated.

Sign up now and join our $ tournaments: Play Here 

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