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New updates to the MSA sports room

New updates to the MSA sports room

Tile tracking, void challenge and chess analysis

The team at Mindsports Academy have been very busy updating the Sports Room and we are very excited to announce that our new features include: tile tracking, void challenge and alayse your chess game.


Tile Tracking

Check out the new tile tracking tool, you can now keep track of the letters played in your game. 

Tracking tiles can be an important aid to strategy, especially during the endgame when there are no tiles left to draw, where careful tracking allows each player to deduce the remaining unseen letters on the opponent's final rack. 


Void challenge

Opt in or out, using the void challenge function. The void challenge option allows you to play without receiving any penalty points. You will only be able to play valid words i the game.


Analyse your chess game

Once you have completed your chess game you can now look back and watch your game. This will allow you to check out the moves you could have made, helping you improve your game play in the future. 



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