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Monthly Prize Draw

Monthly Prize Draw

Information you will need for the monthly prize draw

Take part in our FREE money give away competition for a chance to win a share of up to $1000.


How does it work?

Every day from 1st March  2018, anyone will be able to register and take part in our monthly prize draw.  MSA will put 1p from every 10 minute game completed (against the computer and players) this will added into our monthly prize draw pot. 

On March 31st, players names are put into a random generator, the first 10 names to be picked will win a prize.  


What’s the catch?

Less than 10,000 games played by the end of the month will result in a lower pay-out.

You must use your correct details and email address. This is so we can contact you if you win.

Winners who do not provide the correct details when signing up to enter the competition will be removed and the draw will take place again.

Winners will be announced in the sports room 48 working hours after the competition closes.

Prize money will be wired into winner’s bank accounts.

Prizes will be allocated as follows:

Competition closes 31st March 2018

10,000 games need to be played to receive the maximum prize pool pay-out of $1000

Based on 10,000 games played - 

1st prize $500

2nd prize $300

3rd prize $100

4th – 8th prizes $20

9th – 10th – 1,000 shields

If you win any of the top 3 prizes you must send in a picture/video  of yourself with the prize to info@mindsportsacademy.com

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