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MSA's Online Tournaments

MSA's Online Tournaments

Members who were victorious during our September Online Tournament


September Tournaments

MSA's September tournaments have seen many players take part. 

Current Winners are listed below, many won multiple tournaments:

  • badmus
  • benj
  • JackRudd
  • kashan
  • newt
  • Onutee
  • qiviuts
  • SempieKing
  • TinaBassols
  • tinypuc
  • tinypuc2
  • tinypuc3
  • yomjel

Congratulations to every who took part in the September Online Tournaments!


Find a selection of our weekly Tournaments below

All tournaments use a knockout format: if you lose, you're eliminated. 


Midweek Club

A meeting of players every week, and the tournament will be Speed Scrabble (10 minutes per player).

Midweek Club runs every Wednesday at 7.30pm. Visit the Sports Room click 'Tournaments' under the Word game tab, and 'JOIN' the Midweek Club.



Rapid Thursdays

Running every Thursday at 2am and 6pm (BST) players will meet for a Chess Rapid Tournament. 15 minutes on the clock.

Go to 'Tournaments' under the Chess tab in the Sports Room and click 'JOIN' to take part.


Blitz Sundays

Each Sunday under the Chess tab in the Sports Room, we run our Sunday Blitz tournaments. One at 10am and one at 9pm (BST). Players will have 3 minutes +2 on their clocks.

Go to 'Tournaments' and click 'JOIN' to take part.


Sumbul's Sunday Cup

Runs each Sunday at 3.30pm (BST), time on the player's clock is 10 minutes. Currently undefeated is Player - Kashan. Could you be the one to take them on?

Find the next challenge under the Word Game Tournament tab in the Sports Room



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