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Welcome To Mindsports Education

Welcome To Mindsports Education

If you are a teacher, parent or student Mindsports Education is for you!


Here at Mindsports Education we aim to make learning fun. We think a one size curriculum doesn't fit all. 

Mindsports Education offers many training resources including; video guides, skill games, puzzles and top tips. There’s something for students of all abilities.

The Mindsports Education programme supports the teaching of teamwork, helps to sharpen and strengthen English, maths and spelling, improves time management, confidence and attention span and encourages students to make new friends.

Take a look at Mindsports Education here: www.mindsportseducation.com



With this online platform, not only can you use it in your classroom, your students can play against other schools from all over the world, and play at home!    

What does Mindsports Education provide?

  • Multiple online games and tools
  • School’s with the complete solution to set up and run clubs for chess, word games and other skill games. 
  • Downloadable Resources and Guides
  • Games zone – supporting Maths and English skills
  • Access to a safe sports room = no chatroom or video
  • Mindsports Badges – achieve goals and collect all 56
  • Multi language word games – Spanish, Catalan, English
  • Multi player chess game – Bughouse
  • Tournament play – compete against other schools without leaving the classroom
  • The Mindsports Champions League – compete to become a mindsports champion
  • Low cost annual membership from £4 / $5 / €4,40


How is Mindsports Education beneficial to students?

Playing board games can be beneficial, they satisfy children’s competitive urges and the desire to master new skills and concepts. They will use skills such as number, shape, letter, colour recognition, grouping, counting, reading, visual perception and hand-eye coordination.

Mindsports Education brings these games into your classroom and helps students dive into more fun and competitive learning opportunities.


Sports Room:

Students can play each other using our online games: Chess, Word Games and GO.

We provide a safe sports room with no chat or video feature however, to encourage some interaction we have added emojis into the games. Players can send smiley faces, greet and thank their opponents.


Badges – MSE Badges will be collected when players reach specific goals in mindsports games and tournaments.


Tournaments – as a school admin you will be able to create your own tournaments for your class or club, and challenge other schools.



Additional Games:

New games have been added to support English and Maths skills:

  • Math Lines – remove the marbles by forming pairs that add to 10
  • Quick Math – complete the missing arithmetic symbols in the equation
  • Whack an Answer – Click the mole holding the correct answer to the sum
  • Card Box Play – make up as many words as possible using the selection of letters on your rack



Choose a resource that you can use in the classroom. We have video, exercises and guides to help improve students ability. 


Introducing Champions League... Commencing 2018

Mindsports Champions League is a new competitive platform, where schools can compete to become the ultimate champions in Chess, Word Games and GO.

Using our platform, we enable schools to play from the comfort of their classroom, challenging other schools anywhere in their nation.

Schools can enter up to 5 teams across the 3 mindsports.

The initial structure will be a round-robin: game pairings with 2 teams from the same school will be avoided where possible. Once the draw is done, each team plays online against all other teams, and the top two teams will advance to the next round - online regionals, followed by 'live' Grand Final at the Nationals.

The Grand Final will be a 'live' knock-out tournament and be played at the Nationals' chosen venue (Event centre to be confirmed).

Previously, we have held these events at Manchester United, Stoke City Football Club and the London Excel Centre.



Take a look at Mindsports Education here: www.mindsportseducation.com


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