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Join Online Tournaments

Join Online Tournaments

Information you will need about the MSA online tournaments


Every day over the course of 24 hours members will be able to register and take part in online tournaments.

Head to Head and Knockout.

Please note if you choose a set timed and dated game you will need to be online at the stated time as tournaments will start automatically. 

When Full indicates games will start automatically when the last player registers to play.

'Buy-in' indicates what you need to enter the tournament this will be either shields or real money. Prize pool are formulated on the buy-in amount and number of players registered.

Watch the video below to view how to join the Tournaments:


CLICK HERE to register now 


Key Tournaments


There are 10  minutes on the players clock, with which to play your moves in. Do keep an eye on your time as when your clock runs out the game is over.

GO tournaments are played on a 19 x 19 board.



At various times each week, come and play in our Midweek Scrabble Club. We'll have a meeting every week, and the tournament will be Speed Scrabble (10 minutes per player), using a knockout format: if you lose, you're eliminated. 



Each thursday at 2am (BST) and 6pm (BST) we shall be holding Rapid Thursday tournaments in Chess. Time on the clock is 15 minutes and buy-in is 10 shields.



MSA shall be holding our Super Shield Saturday Tournaments these will run at 2:00am (BST) and 1pm (BST). Each week a different Mindsport will host this tournament. We will share results in our articles, please note only players' usernames will be published.



At 10am (BST) we shall be running our Sunday Blitz under the chess tab. Time on the clock is 3 minutes plus a 2 second increment.


MSA ambassador Sumbul will be hosting her Sunday Cup, this will be every Sunday at 3.30pm (BST) results will be shown in linked articles. Please note we only publish usernames, no other details about the players will be shared. 


CLICK HERE to register now 


New key tournaments will continue to be added over the next few months. If you would like an online tournament set up for your club or group of friends, please email Rachael at info@mindsportsacademy.com


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