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Updates, Results and Information

Updates, Results and Information

Find all updates, results and information on the World Mindsports Championships, Doha, Qatar 19th - 27th August 2017

Saturday 19th  August 2017 – Sunday 27th August 2017

The Doha Exhibition and Convention Center , plays host to the 4th World Mindsports Championships. Mindsports Include; Chess, Scrabble, eSports, Bridge, Backgammon and GO.

A total of 1,058 mindsports enthusiasts from 23 countries competed in 21 tournaments across six mindsports at the 4th World Mindsports Championships last week. 

Dave Brannan, founder and CEO of Mindsports International, said "Mindsports are the fastest growing and most highly watched sports internationally. There are over a billion Mindsports players around the world, including 600 million chess players and 400 million Go players."

He continued, “It is an honour to be here today and bring Mindsports to the Middle East for the first time. We all hope that this will be the first of many. The Mindsport World Championships were conceived to bring communities together, to help cognitive skill gaming and to help bring gaming within schools around the world.” 

Learn what Mindsports is all about here: 


Day One -19th August 2017

The Mindsports World Championships kicked off on the 19th August.  The first day saw the start of the:

  • Chess Rapid
  • Chess Rapid Junior
  • FIFA. 

The opening ceremony was held at 2pm, Ambassadors from Embassies across Doha attended the press conference: 

Hassan Al Ibrahim (fourth left), Chief Tourism Development Officer at Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA); Prof. Shirish Soni (second right), Ambassador of South Africa; Park Heung - Kyeong (third left), Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea; Peter Chamberlain (right), Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy; Mohammed Al Omar (second left), Embassy of the State of Kuwait; Moza Khalid Al Mohannadi (left), Director CSR, Sponsorship and Media at Ooredoo; during the kick-off of the 4th Mindsports World Championships at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center yesterday. : Kammutty VP / The Peninsula

 Hassan Al Ibrahim, Chief Tourism Development Officer at QTA, stressed the country’s thrust in developing sports tourism as an important sector of the industry.

Al Ibrahim expressed gratitude to President of the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC), Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, for supporting the expansion of the range of sports events held in Qatar.

Below; Dave Brannan and Hassan open the opening ceremony press conference and explain the importance of Mindsports in the Middle East. 


Below; Hassan from the Qatar Tourism Authority discusses previous events and how Mindsports fits in perfectly. 

 During the Opening Ceremony Ieysaa Bin- suhayl, Kieth Arkell, Jack Rudd and Tamas Fodor took on the Ambassadors from the Doha Embassies at Chess. 

Peter Chamberlain the Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy explains why it is important to encourage young people to take part in Mindsports:

Junior Rapid Chess Results: 

Ieysaa Bin- suhayl from England won the Chess Rapid Junior. 

"I'm very proud and happy to see my hard work pay off and win the Junior Chess Rapid. Chess is my virtual world of adventure. When I sit down for a game, it’s like I’m on the starting line of a race - except this is war! Just one mistake, one miscalculation or one oversight is often all that separates victory from defeat."- Ieysaa 

 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoor

 Position NameCountry
1stBin-suhayl IeysaaENG
2ndKumar GovindIND
3rdAl-Shimari GhanimQAT
4thCoukri AhmedQAT
5thMozaffari SaraQAT
6thBin-suhayl YousufENG
7thAl-Hor SalihQAT
8thTalwalkar PushkarIND
9thKarthik AdityaIND
10thBahzad AlmahaQAT
11thGopinath NarainIND
12thRamanathan AnikethIND
13thEzekiel JohnPHI
14thKhalid RafeeqQAT
15thBedi AaravQAT
16thMulavana VedIND
17thTanafranca JustinPHI
18thAltaftazani MenatallaQAT
19thMajebi SarahQAT
20thSahni  PronnatiIND


Chess Rapid Results:

Rapid chess is the form of the game that lives somewhere between classical chess - games in which each side may have two hours or more in which to make their moves, and in which there are often multiple time controls - and speed chess, where playing quickly is sometimes even more important than making good moves.

 Position NameCountry
1stBologan VictorMDA
2ndAl-Sayed MohammedQAT
3rdMendoza RyanPHI
4thFodor Tamas Jr.HUN
5thArkell Keith CENG
6thKuzmin AlexeyRUS
7thRudd JackENG
8thHamdouchi HichamMAR
9thde Joya FlorianPHI
10thBoidiya SidiMTN
11thLoquez JoselitoPHI
12thBerthier HugoFRA
13thZhu ChenQAT
14thCastro ChiefPHI
15thPatricio RollyPHI
16thAl-Medaihki AliQAT
17thBattah AhmedSYR
18thBastida RitoPHI
19thAl-Motawa YousefQAT
20thAbouelatta AsaadEGY


Day Two - 20th August 2017

Day 2 tournaments: 

  • Chess Main Event
  • eSports FIFA
  • Bride Team Friendly

Esports FIFA:

This is the first time ESports have been a part of the Mindsports World Championships.  

Esports are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, in particular video games, players participate as individuals and as part of a team.

Players battled it out over the 4 days of game play, for 2 titles and a total prize pool $20,000.

The two major Esports titles that Qatari Nationals, local residents and international competitors can compete in are FIFA and Call of Duty tournaments (featuring Infinite Warfare). 

Mohammed El Yazidi beat Hossam Al Khalaki as Belgium saw off France 3-1

 Full set of FIFA Results:

 Position  Name
1stMohamed Al Yazidi
2ndHossam Al Khalaki
3rdIbrahim Al Majed
4thAbdulrahman Al Blushi
5thMubarak Al Buainain
6thKarim Ragaee
7thYousef Al Kthiri
8thJassim Al Khanji 

 FIFA day 2:First World Mindsports Championships in Middle East kick off


Day Three - 21st August 2017

Day 3 tournaments: 

  • Chess Main Event
  • eSports Call of Duty
  • Bridge Pairs. 

Children arrived from the Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha to have Scrabble lessons from Ganesh. 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, table and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and indoor

The Junior Scrabble players tell us why Scrabble is important to them: 


Day Four - 22nd August 2017

Day 4 tournaments: 

  • Chess Main Event
  • Scrabble Arabic Championship
  • eSports Call of Duty
  • Bridge Pairs. 

Call Of Duty Results:

Teams were split into groups of 4 teams. Each match will be a “best of 3” using the CWL map list and format. The top 2 teams from each group qualify for the knockout stages. Knockout were the Double Elimination knockout with 3 games per match and the Grand Final moving to a “best of 5” series. 

 The winners of Call Of Duty were the VC Blue team. Watch their interview after they won here: 

 Position NameCountry
1stVC Blueqatar
2ndVC Blackqatar
3rdVC Redqatar
5thVC Whiteqatar


Day Five - 23rd August 2017

Day 5 tournaments: 

  • Chess Main Event
  • Scrabble Arabic
  • Scrabble Arabic Junior. 

Scrabble Arabic Championship winners:  

Scrabble Arabic ran over 2 days, day 1 consisted of 7 rounds, the top 8 then returned on day 2 to play in the Knockout rounds. 

 Position NameCountry
1stAbdelrahman AboughanimaQatar
2ndGanesh ArwithanMalaysia
3rdAhmed AlmasiQatar


Abdelrahman after winning the Arabic Scrabble. Aka the Usain Bolt of Scrabble! 

 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


Day Six - 24th August 2017

Day 6 tournaments: 

  •  Chess Main Event
  • Scrabble Arabic Junior
  • Qatar School Scrabble
  • Go Daily Tournament
  • Bride Team Pairs. 

Qatar School Scrabble results:

1stThaabish BorhamSri Lanka
2ndVidyesh KrishanthanSri Lanka
3rdRaana SamdeenSri Lanka
4th Ben Joshua AnandPhilippines

Image may contain: 1 person, indoorImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sittingImage may contain: 29 people, people smiling, people standing

 Qatar school Scrabble kids having fun!

Day Seven - 25th August 2017

Day 7 tournaments: 

  • Chess Main Event
  • Scrabble English Junior
  • Qatar School Scrabble
  • Backgammon Traditional
  • Backgammon DMP Challenge
  • Backgammon Speedgammon
  • Bridge Team Event. 

Chess Main Event:

Grand Master and UK born Keith Arkell and current International Master Jack Rudd participated, among various Grand Masters and Masters.

Speaking to Keith about the event and Qatar he said, “I love travelling the world, and wherever I go the people are very nice. I'm sure this will also be the case with Qatar.” He continued, “Qatar fascinates me. I often watch Al Jazeera, which is based in Qatar. The whole area fascinates me.”

Jack followed on from Keith and said, “Like Keith, I have never been to Qatar or any other Middle Eastern country before. I always enjoy travelling to countries I've not been to before, and Qatar I'm sure will be no exception.”

The Chess masters put themselves to the test to battle it out to be the Champion. Al- Sayed Mohammed from Qatar came out on top!

 Position PointsNameCountry
1st7Al- Sayed Mohammed Qatar
2nd7Hamdouchi Hicham Morocco
3rd6.5Rudd JackEngland
4th6.5Fodor Tamas JrHungary
5th6Bin-Suhayl IeysaaItaly
6th6Bologan VictorMDA
7th6Kuzmin AlexeyRussia
8th5.5Mohamad Battah AhmadSYR
9th6Arkell Kieth CEngland
10th5Naperi EnriquePHI

 Al- Sayed Mohammed recieving his award:

 Image may contain: 2 people, people standing 


Day Eight - 26th August 2017

Day 8 tournaments: 

  • Scrabble English Championship
  • Scrabble English Junior
  • Chess Bughouse
  • Chess blitz 3 min (+2)
  • Backgammon Modern
  • Backgammon DMP Challenge
  • Backgammon Speedgammon
  • Bridge Team Event. 

Chess Blitz 3+2: 

Chess Blitz is a form of Chess in which all moves must occur under a fixed time. 

 Position NameCountry 
1stLoyala Jr, RolensonPhillippines
2ndArkell, Keith CEngland
3rdFodor, Tamas Jr.Hungary
4thZhu, ChenQatar
5thHamdouchi, HichamMorocco
6thAl-Modiahki, MohamadQatar
7thSergeyeva, MariyaKazakhstan
8thAl-Sayed, MohammedQatar
9thRudd, JackEngland
10thKuzmin, AlexeyRussia
11thBin-suhayl, YousufEngland
12thBadr, Mahmoud AliEgypt
13thSalem, Ali AbdullaQatar
14thPimentel, EugenePhillippines
15thMd Imtiaz, AlamIndia
16thMendoza, RyanPhillippines
17thHuerto, AndroPhillippines

 Below: Megan Owens playing in the Blitz! 

UK Grand Master Keith Arkell takes on youtuber Romulo at Chess Blitz! 


Day Nine - 27th August 2017

Day 9 tournaments:  

  • Scrabble English Championship,
  • Chess Blitz 5 min (+2)
  • Backgammon Modern
  • Backgammon Speedgammon
  • Backgammon Doubles Consulting
  • Bridge Team Event. 

Scrabble English Adult

 Position  NameCountry
1stThilina ElvitigalaSri Lanka
2ndSasidharan Nair VadakkedathQatar
3rdJames N CackPhilippines
4thMosib Mangotara MicawayanPhilippines
5thMarilyn InciongPhilippines
6thVianca MayCavalQatar
7thMaria ChristineQatar
8thRona Sunshine DalopePhilippines
9thWhardah WentzelPhilippines
10thNandita BediQatar
11thFouad ElashmawiEgypt
12thAkbar Mohamed Casim ShaikhQatar

Chess Blitz 5+3:





Al-Modiahki, Mohamad



Fodor, Tamas Jr.



Mendoza, Ryan



Kuzmin, Alexey



Zhu, Chen



Rudd, Jack



Arkell, Keith C



Pimentel, Eugene



Patricio, Rolly



Mohamad battah, Ahmad



Abouelatta, Assad



Hamdouchi, Hicham



Al-Sayed, Mohammed



Badr, Mahmoud Ali


Scrabble Arabic Junior

The Scrabble Arabic Junior was an open event for players aged between 6 and 20 years old. 

 Position Name Country
1stTelfick AboughanimaQatar 
2ndThabish Ahmed Rejwan BorhamSri Lanka
3rdVidesh KrisanthanSri Lanka

 Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling

Scrabble English Junior:

Champions in scrabble included Thilina Elvitigala (Scrabble Championship, Imadith Egodawatta (Scrabble Junior Championship), Abdelrahman Aboughanima (Arabic Scrabble Championship), and Telfick Aboughanima (Arabic Scrabble Junior Championship). 

 Position Name Country
1stImadith Egodawatta Sri Lanka
2ndUshara de Silva  Sri Lanka
3rdHasini Sandachaya Perera  Sri Lanka
4thAahil Borham  Sri Lanka
5thInuri De Silva  Sri Lanka
6thAnjali Handapangoda  Sri Lanka
7thDulmini Weerarathne  Sri Lanka
8thSahel Infas  Sri Lanka
9thSarvesh Krishanthan  Sri Lanka
10thKiana Nichole Philippines
11thVimukthi Ashen  Sri Lanka
12thJanindu De Silva  Sri Lanka
13thElijah Mariel D.Tatlonghari Philippines
14thKenul Maddumage  Sri Lanka
15thNethul Maddumage  Sri Lanka
16thRonj Merencilla Qatar



Backgammon is one of the oldest board games known. Backgammon ran from the 25th August to the 27th August with a $6,000 prize pool. 

Chiva Tagazzoli was the Tournament Director. He started as a player, then as tournament organizer (experience of over 400 regional, national and international tournaments), promoter, and backgammon consultant to the major gaming sites (Play65, Melita Gaming Group, Partygaming, Betfair).

 Position NameCountry
1stJalil KHALILI Iran
2ndKian GHODS Iran
3rdChiva TAFAZZOLI Germany

 Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

 (Above) Jalil Khalili, Kian Ghods and Chiva Tafazzoli

DMP Backgammon: 

 Position  NameCountry
2ndChiva TAFAZZOLI Germany

 Dave Branna and Chiva Tafazzoli


 Position  NameCountry 
2ndHilmi GÖCHAN Turkey

Dave Brannan presenting the Speedgammon award to Julian Minwalla. 


Rashed Al Qurese, Chief Marketing and Promotion Officer at QTA, remarked, “We are proud to have hosted the international mindsports community to experience first-hand Qatar’s authentic tourism offering.”

He added, “Sports tourism is a priority subsector for Qatar and this championship has given QTA the opportunity to demonstrate the sector’s growth potential while forging new partnerships both locally and internationally.”


With Thanks

Huge thank you and congratulations to all our players who participated in the various events during the week.

We would like to thank  Qatar Tourism Authority for hosting the event, and our sponsors and partners. 

The Championship’s partners included Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, Aspire Zone Foundation, Ooreedoo, AlFardan Automobiles, Adabisc, Strike and KiddyZone.

The event was made possible thanks also to collaborations with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar Bridge Association, SSLD Scrabble club, Qatar Chess Federation, Mall of Qatar, Marriot Marquis Hotel and Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.


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