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Congratulations to our Winners

Congratulations to our Winners

Placements and Prizes for those who took part in our $ tournaments


Mindsports Academy were pleased to announce they had reached over 10,000 members (increasing everyday as now over 14,000). To celebrate we set up $ prize pools, the only catch you had to be a member and to buy-in you needed a certain number of shields.

Shields are free, on sign up members receive 50 and each day a member logs into the sports room they receive 2 shields.


We launched with $100 prize pool on Monday 31st July at 12pm UK BST time. Find the top 3 placements below, usernames only:


1st Place $50: Imaad

2nd Place $30: Onutee

3rd Place $20: Ifregene


Throughout the rest of the week we ran daily $10 tournaments, find the top placements and prizes below:


$10 Prize Tuesday Scrabble #4 (01/08/17)

1st $5 = alex77

2nd $3 = Automan

3rd $2 = Onutee


$10 Prize Wednesday Chess #3 (02/08/17)

1st $5 = pottytoo

2nd $3 = yousuf

3rd $2 = Nine7


$10 Prize Friday Scrabble #3 (04/08/17)

1st $5 = Robtheman30

2nd $3 = pottytoo

3rd $2 = TED85


$10 Prize Pool Scrabble #3 (06/08/17)

1st $5 = kashan

2nd $3 = Automan

3rd $2 = Noorishaukat


Well done to everyone who entered, we will be running more tournaments in the next month. Look out for updates here on the website and via email.


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