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$ Tournaments

$ Tournaments

Find all information about our $ Tournaments


From 1st August there will be $10 giveaways, all details about the tournaments can be seen at the end of this article.

The Prize Pool aims to be shared with 10% of the field and so dependent on player numbers.


Information about the Mindsports $ Tournaments

From Tuesday 1st August every day we will be running Tournaments where players can win $10.

What’s the catch?

  • You must be a MSA member, membership is free.
  • To enter the $10 tournament, you will need 5 shields. (You receive 50 FREE shields on initial sign up plus 2 FREE shields each day that you log into the MSA Sports Room).
  • You must be online at the stated start time of the tournament. Tournaments will start automatically at the stated time.
  • Each player will have 10 minutes on their clock per round.
  • In order to receive the $10 pay-out there must be a minimum of 8 players entered into the tournament. Less than 8 players? You will only receive your shield payout.
  • If you are the only one to enter, the tournament will be cancelled and your shields will be returned to your balance.

MSA will hold up to 4 tournaments a day in order to cover various time zones:

  • 7pm Asia HKT (12pm UK)
  • 7pm UK BST
  • 7pm USA East Coast (Midnight UK)
  • 7pm USA West Coast (3am UK time)

Each Mindsport will have set days please see below:

  • Monday - Chess $10 Give Away
  • Tuesday – Scrabble $10 Give Away
  • Wednesday – Chess $10 Give Away
  • Thursday – Go $10 Give Away
  • Friday – Scrabble $10 Give Away
  • Saturday – Chess $10 Give Away
  • Sunday – Scrabble $10 Give Away

Click to Pre-Register Now or go to www.mindsportsacademy.com/sportsroom

Please note Scrabble is currently not available to play in North America.


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