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World Scrabble Championships 2017

World Scrabble Championships 2017

Registration and Prize Categories


With just 2 weeks to go until the start of the World Scrabble™ Championships, this August, please find an update regarding the Registration Process and the Prize Categories.


World Scrabble™ Championships will commence on 22nd August for 4 days. 35 rounds will be played across Tuesday to Friday. With the top 8 playing in a Quarter, and Semi Finals on the Saturday, followed by the Final on Sunday 27th August.

All Tournament equipment is provided: Boards, Tiles, Tile Bags, Tile Racks and Clocks.


Quarter Finals will be determined by best of 3 rounds

Semi Finals will be determined by best of 5 rounds

Finals will be determined by best of 5 rounds.


The Prize Giving Ceremony will be held at Sutton Bonnington Campus with the BMSC as many players will have migrated over to this venue.

To enter the BMSC please find the link here; www.absp.org.uk/calendar/bmsc2017.pdf


Pre-registration will close at 12pm UK BST on 18th August 2017.


We ask all the registered participants to report to the venue by 7:00pm  on Monday 21st August and by 9:00am Tuesday 22nd August.

Here the team will sign you in and you will receive your name badge. Any questions for the TD and her team can be sent to info@mindsportsacademy.com.

All registered participants will need to be in the venue and seated by 9:00am on Tuesday 22nd August in order to receive instructions from the TD and any final words before the first round starts promptly at 10am.


Prize Pool

The prize pool is determined by the number of entrants, the prize pool will be more than the number of paid entry fees.

Trophies, Plaques and Recognition will be awarded to the placements stated below:

  • Winner
  • Runner Up
  • 3rd Place
  • 4th Place
  • 5th Place
  • 6th Place
  • 7th Place
  • 8th Place
  • 9th Place
  • 10th Place
  • Highest Win
  • Highest Loss
  • Highest Bingo
  • Highest Non-Bingo
  • Highest Spread
  • Highest 1000 Rating Performer
  • Highest 1100 Rating Performer
  • Highest 1200 Rating Performer
  • Highest 1300 Rating Performer
  • Highest 1400 Rating Performer


To register for the  World Scrabble™ Championships 2017 CLICK HERE


If there are any changes to any information above we will update and post across all our social media and here on the website.


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