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Natalie Zolty
Expertise Scrabble
I have been playing Scrabble since the end of 2012. My Scrabble career highlight was in January 2016, when I beat Nigel Richards (not that I like to mention it – much!) I am based in Solihull with my partner and son. I am very excited about being part of the Mindsports Academy education programme and helping to put UK youth Scrabble firmly on the map.
José Luis Rodríguez Barroso
Expertise Scrabble
En scrabble competitivo desde 1997..., apoyando el movimiento local en Venezuela y a la FISE desde su inicios: ¡estoy a sus órdenes!. ¡Un gran abrazo!
Brett Smitheram
Expertise Scrabble
Brett has been playing competitive tournament Scrabble for 20 years, having won most of the major UK titles and enjoying success on the global stage, ranking at or around the very top in the world for almost 15 years. He has contributed to a number of books and articles on the subject of Scrabble, as well as appearing regularly in the media (he was even a question on Have I Got News for You!) Brett is the reigning World Scrabble Champion, having won the title in a straight 3-0 victory in the 2016 final in Lille, France, and is the MSI Scrabble Ambassador. He’s already preparing to successfully defend his title and continues to strive to play the perfect game every time.
Daniel Stembridge
Expertise Scrabble
Daniel Stembridge describes his age as "44 of your puny Earth years". He does not reveal what planet he hails from though it is suspected that Scrabble must be played there due to his clear liking for the game. He currently resides on the third rock from the sun in Lancashire, England - not too far from the Lake District, where he can often be found struggling up mountains, across bogs, looking bewildered in fields, and moaning about how far away the nearest pub is. In 2013, he co-founded the Facebook Scrabble League, and is a former Editor of OnBoard, the magazine for British Scrabble Players. He is married, and has two young children.
Ganesh Asirvatham
Expertise Scrabble
Ganesh Asirvatham has been playing Scrabble since he was 12. With a career spanning 17 years, Ganesh had achieved success in in Malaysia and has won numerous titles including a record breaking 5 national titles. Ganesh represented Malaysia in 5 World Scrabble Championships and was a finalist in the 2007 edition. His love affair has seen him take a more active role in Scrabble and was instrumental in initiating the Scrabble to Schools programme that saw hundreds of Malaysian students participate in local tournaments. He was also part of the organizing team of the 2003 World Scrabble Championship which was held in Malaysia. Ganesh has been tournament director for a number of events and had a successful outing as the tournament director of the 2013 Penang International Scrabble Open. Most recently he was the Tournament Director at the 2016 World Scrabble Championships in Lille, France. Ganesh is the Chairman of the WMSF driving the growth and development of Scrabble worldwide.
Bob Lynch
Expertise Scrabble
Bob has played Scrabble since he was five-years-old and Chess since he was seven. His parents raised him using cognitive games as parenting and education tools. Bob was introduced to Magic in September of 1993, and that has been his game of choice ever since. Though he did enjoy a professional Magic career for a short period, Bob prefers the educational and social aspects of cognitive games. He has started multiple gaming clubs which include Magic, Chess, Scrabble, and others in several secondary and higher education institutions. Bob received his Doctoral degree from Lindenwood University. His dissertation is titled Higher Education Perspectives: Magic the Gathering’s Role in Whole-Person, Academic, and Career Development.

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