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New Chess Game Feature

New Chess Game Feature

Check out our latest Sports Room update


The team here at Mindsports Academy, have been working hard on new updates to implement into our sports room.

We have been focusing on our Chess game and are pleased to announce our brand new feature: Analysis!


How does this work?

You need to challenge a friend or other player within the sports room to a game of chess and play as normal.
At the end of this game there will be a pop up to inform you of the winner, there will also be a couple of buttons to action:

ANALYSE - Takes you to our new Chess game Analysis feature

A side bar will open in the game (please note this might take a couple seconds to load, depending on your internet speed). Here it will note all your moves and inform you if there was a better, more productive move that could have been taken instead.



LOBBY - Closes the game and takes you back to the Sports Room

RESUME - Closes the pop up so you can view your final board.


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Premium membership starts from £4.00 / $5.00 / €4.50 Monthy or £35.00 / $45.00 / €40.00 for the year, access:

  • In-game video chat
  • Play Word Games in multiple languages
  • Access all website content
  • Practice your play against the computer without using up any shields


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