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Mindsports Academy Online Chess Game

Mindsports Academy Online Chess Game

A quick overview of the features in our online Chess Game ...


Here is a brief overview of the features we have available in our Chess Game. As the development team continue to enhance the game we will keep you updated.


 **Please note we recommend using Chrome and Safari as your internet browsers. We do not recommend using Microsoft Edge.**


Before entering into a Chess game, you will need to make sure you are in the Chess section of the sports room this will be indicated by the section highlighted in blue at the top of your screen:




You can play against another player currently online in the Sports Room or play against the computer.

You can choose from various time options from 10 seconds (00:00:10) up to 30 minutes (00:30:00).


Player v Computer Challenge

To challenge the computer first, select your preferred level and then choose the length of time you wish to play. Please note each game played against the computer will use 2 shields unless you are a Premium Member.


Inside the Chess Game

There is a standard chess board with pieces in Black and White, turns are indicated by the arrow next to each person’s username.


Next to each username you will see turn time, this is your timer counting down showing how much time you have left. There will also be coloured piece next to your name, this indicates which colour you are playing with.

White to move first.

Please note, the computer will not allow you to make illegal moves.


Player v Player Challenge

To challenge another Player, choose the length of time you wish to play and choose your shield buy-in from 2 up to 500, depending upon how many you have available. To find out more about shields click here: ABOUT ACADEMY SHIELDS

Currently all members have the option to add a handicap. To allow handicap you will need to ensure the box is checked.


As a premium member, you will also have access to video chat.


What is Handicap?

Handicap is our new Chess feature, this allows beginners a chance to play against Grandmasters and have a shot at winning the game.

To set up the handicap, ensure the box is ticked (as above) and press challenge.

Inside the game both players will then be able to adjust their own time, and remove pieces, before pressing the Offer State button.

Once your opponent has set their pieces and time they will also Offer State.

Once you have both accepted the game will begin.


Step by step Handicap:

1.  As White startes, they decide their stake to offer: They can remove pieces from the board and set their round time. Then press OFFER STAKE


2. Black decides where to accept the Stake Offer (Wait response will appear next to state).


3. Once accepted they will put forwards their offer:


4.  White decides whether to Accept or Decline their Stake, if declined all pieces will return to the board and they will need to state another Stake Offer. The state will appear as Been rejected.


5. Opponent will put in their next Stake Offer and once accepted the game will begin, and the clock will start for White to move first;


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But don’t forget to send any feedback to info@Mindsportsacademy.com

Have fun!


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