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Guide to Wordominos

Guide to Wordominos

Welcome to Mindsports Academy's new word game


Wordominos is Mindsports Academy's new word game. It is a mash up between the board game Scrabble and the popular crossword game.

The game has been designed to be played online: Player v Player, Player v Computer and SKills Challenge. There are multiple levels to complete, it enhances practice of parallel play.


The Aim

The idea of Wordominos is to use up all your letter tiles and block your opponent in the allocated time, or the first to score the minimum target points.

Create as many high scoring words with the selection of letter tiles in your possession. 


What do players play with?

Both Players will have:

  • The same number of letter tiles
  • The same number of blank tiles
  • The same number of Blockers

Players will be able to choose what colour tiles to play with.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red 


The Rules - Word Placing

  • First move will start anywhere on the board.
  • Players will continue to place words adjacent to each other. Words must be linked.
  • Words can start from 2 letters in length.
  • Words can be placed in parallel to each other.
  • Any amount of tiles can be used for the turn


The Rules - Tiles and Boards

Players will have:

  • 2 tiles of each type for 7*7 board
  • 3 tiles of each type for 11*11 board
  • 5 tiles of each type for 15*15 board

The following types of tiles will be available:

  • Letters (a-z)
  • Blank tile
  • Block

Blank tile can be used for any letter. When placing blank tile, player will be able to choose the exact letter.

Block can be placed adjacent to any tile played on current turn.

Player will be able to play blocks on his turn without playing a word. This case blocks can be placed adjacent to ANY letter on the board.

Maximum 2 blocks can be placed per turn.

Cells with blocks can’t be used for placing letters.


The Rules - Challenging

Players will be able to challenge opponent’s last turn.

The CSW15 wordlist (as used in live Scrabble Tournaments) will be used for the word validation.

If any word of the turn will be illegal (not valid), then the turn will be illegal.

If the challenged words are legal (exist in the wordlist), then challenging player will lost his turn.

If the challenged words are not legal (do not exist in the Hamats dictionary), then:

  • Challenged turn letters will be returned to the challenged player
  • Challenged player score will returned
  • Challenging player will play their turn
  • Challenge will show which word/s is illegal


The Rules - Game Ending

A game will end when:

  • Player’s time is over
    • Player, who spent all his time, loses the game.
  • In a scored game, the first player to reach the score specified
    • Player who reaches the score first wins
  • Player used all their tiles
    • Player, who used all his tiles, wins the game.
  • All cells at board are used
    • Player with the highest game score wins.
  • 3 consecutive passes made by both Players
  • Player with the highest game score wins
  • Player resigned
    •  Player who has resigned, loses the game


The Rules - Scoring

Scores are calculated by the following:

  • Number of points equals
    • Number of letter tiles played x Number of words made
  • All letter tiles are worth 1 point each
  • Blank tiles can be used to build points
  • Blocks do not count towards points


Practice Against the Computer

6 levels to work through.

Each level is determined by size of the board.

  • Beginner Level - 5 x 5 Board
  • Intermediate Level - 7 x 7 Board
  • Experienced Level - 9 x 9 Board
  • Professional Level - 11 x 11 Board
  • Advanced Level -  13 x 13 Board
  • Expert Level - 15 x 15 Board


Skills Challenge

Work your way up through the levels vs the computer. Players will have to reach a specified minimum score, the better you get the bigger the board.


Try it out now in the Sports Room - CLICK HERE


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