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Rack 'em up with the World Champion

Rack 'em up with the World Champion

Brett Smitheram hosts a laid-back evening of cocktails, prizes, and Scrabble!


A fun new venture in London is looking for inexperienced players, and those wishing to learn and socialise, to take part in an entertaining, light-hearted evening of Scrabble. The event, which will hopefully become a regular meeting, will take place in the trendy surroundings of Machine No.3, a cocktail bar just a short stroll from Homerton train station, on the North London Line.

2016 World Scrabble Champion and Mindsports Amassador Brett Smitheram will be the genial host, and he has set up various prizes and twists to ensure the emphasis is very much on fun rather than competition. 

"It is specifically not for hardcore players," Brett informs us. "So if anyone has occasionally played the game after a few drinks, if you just want some fun - that's the main aim of this. Plus, there's a £50 prize for the winner and a bottle of wine for the runner up."

Prizewinners will also be given the opportunity to risk 'doubling-up' their winnings at the end of proceedings if they agree to take part in Brett's 'fiendish' Final Challenge.

So get the drinks in, the boards out, and Rack Em Up!

For more information, visit: https://goo.gl/LFEoMW


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