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¿Hablas Español?

 ¿Hablas Español?

Do you like word and tactical games? Want to practice playing Scrabble in another language? This could be the place for you.

Versión En Español

Mindsports Academy (MSA) are pleased to announce, with Federacion Internacional de Scrabble en Español (FISE), the launch of our new and improved online Tournament Spanish Scrabble game.

Working with the team from FISE, we have collaborated and created a multi-language sports room where you can play Tournament Scrabble in the latest language word lists. As a premium member, in your profile settings highlight your preferred language/s in order to be able to play in that lexicon.


MSA Sports Room

Features include but not limited to:

  • Multi-language chat in the main entry to the sports room as well as in game chat.
  • Player Status - You are able to see if a player is available to play, playing a game or away from their PC.
  • Friends list – find your friends online easily by adding their usernames to your ‘friends list’, as they log into the sports room they will appear at the top of the player list.
  • Choose to play either Tournament Scrabble or chess.
  • The Tournament Scrabble Game can be played in multiple languages: full members will be able to choose to play the Tournament Scrabble Game in either English, Spanish or Catalan.
  • The Tournament Scrabble Games contain the latest language lexicons. The Spanish game includes the recently updated FISE Lexicon.
  • Change your Sports Room settings to default to your chosen language when you log in.


The team here at Mindsports Academy will continue to enhance the Sports Room under the guidance of elite level players, and from the feedback received from users.

We are currently developing the system to incorporate Knockout and Round Robin tournaments for Scrabble and chess as part of the tournament structure. Members will begin to see the introduction of new features, one recent feature includes Academy Shields. Academy Shields is the in-play currency that can be used to challenge other players, or to gain entry into tournaments.


“The World Championship is always such a fun event, as we get to gather with so many strong players from all over the world.” – David Koenig, US Scrabble Player, finished in the top 10 at the 2016 World Scrabble Championships in Lille, France.


Don’t hesitate and start your mindsports journey today, registration is Free, plus as a new member you will receive a 30 day Premium upgrade to explore the whole site as well as play Tournament Scrabble in multiple languages.



About Federacion Internacional De Scrabble En Español (FISE)

In 2000, IFES was established with the approval of the delegates from fifteen countries attending the Fourth International Scrabble Tournament held in November in Chile .

The representatives of the National Scrabble® Associations gathered, in order to consider the constitution of the International Federation Of Scrabble® in Spanish.



About Mindsports Academy

The Mindsports Academy was created in 2013 by Mindsports (International). The Mindsports Academy membership gives individuals and clubs the opportunity to become part of a worldwide network of players through structured online and live events as well as a participation programme involving stimulating Mindsports such as chess, Scrabble and Go.

The Mindsports Academy Sports Room was created to provide a platform for Mindsports enthusiasts of all levels, to come to play and develop their chosen mindsport. Members are able to play against a global base of players, or just their friends.

Whether playing for fun or hoping to compete locally or nationally, the Mindsports Academy has opportunities available for all.


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