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Deck Of The Day #17: How About 4C Nahirites

Deck Of The Day #17: How About 4C Nahirites

How about merging those two trends? This was the idea MODO user Hyper took to a 5-0 ride in a Competitive League...

In the past few weeks we have seen several trends going on. First one was to include Nahiri, the Harbinger, in as many Modern archetypes as possible (check those Jeskahiri and Jundiri decks). Second one was to level up the Standard metagame, not playing Brood Monitor nor Zulaport Cutthroat in 4C Rites and playing Dragonlord Atarka instead, to break those board stalls these decks usually get involved in.

How about merging those two trends? This was the idea MODO user Hyper took to a 5-0 ride in a Competitive League.

3 Nahiri, the Harbinger
4 Duskwatch Recruiter
4 Eldrazi Displacer
4 Elvish Visionary
4 Loam Dryad
4 Matter Reshaper
4 Reflector Mage
1 Dragonlord Atarka
4 Collected Company
4 Cryptolith Rite
4 Battlefield Forge
4 Evolving Wilds
4 Forest
4 Yavimaya Coast
3 Llanowar Wastes
2 Prairie Stream
1 Island
1 Mountain
1 Plains
4 Reality Smasher
4 Sylvan Advocate
1 Tireless Tracker
4 Dromoka's Commmand
2 Negate

It seems that the combo Cryptolith Rite + Loam Dryad allows endless possibilities, and Nahiri was the next logical step when you think about it: there are so many lacking topdecks in this deck - Nahiri lets us cycle them, looking for better cards. Also, this deck scoops to Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet; Nahiri Exiles it cleanly. And last, but not least, we were already playing Dragonlord Atarka... and this little dragon is maybe the most powerful creature we could cheat into play with Nahiri's ultimate. This is not even considering how well this deck gums up the board, allowing it to defend Nahiri and reach the ultimatum

The bad part of this is that our Collected Company are worse. There are only 24 hits, 4 of them are those Loam Dryads. This inconsistency is aggravated already by not playing black, not having access to Catacomb Sifter. However, Matter Reshaper goes a long way in giving us a big percentage of that lost consistency.

All in all, a pretty little neat package. And we all know that playing powerful planeswalkers like Nahiri is fun. 

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