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Safe, fun and educational!

Mindsports Education

The Mindsports Education site is targeted at schools, parents and children and is built as a protective area where children can play the games online and use them to learn maths and languages. It has a full training section that can be adapted at school, regional and global level. We also have a Mindsports Word Tool App to support this which is live on Apple and Android, to help children learn new words.


Our Education Community

"Schools choose Mindsports Education to support teaching and learning. They stay with us because of our safe tools for building communities, creating tournaments and developing literacy & numeracy"

Why choose Mindsports Education?

Security focused website

Multiple online games and tools

School tournament creation

Teaches Teamwork

Strengthens English & Maths

Improves confidence

Improves attention span

Downloadable Word Tool app!

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  • Multi-language play

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