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The Sports Room

The Sports Room

Welcome to the Mindsports Academy Sports Room


Entering the Sports Room

Our Features

  • Video Guide - before you sign in watch our video guide highlighting all the features.


  • Set your sports room language - users are able to view the sports room features in various languages. 
    • Auto (English)
    • Spanish
    • Catalan
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Japanese


  • Shield Balance
    • In-game currency - use shields to set challenges against other members and enter online tournaments.
  • Real Money Balance
    • Enter online tournaments with the chance to win real $.
  • Player’s Status: You can view each player's status when they are logged into the Sports Room:
    • Green (Available) - The player is logged into the Sports Room but not playing a game.
    • Yellow (Playing) - The Player is logged in and playing a game on an active board.
    • Grey (Away) - The player is logged into the Sports Room but the browser is not active.
  • Friends: By clicking on the ‘+’ sign a player can request friendship with another player. If accepted this means that upon logging in, a player's friends will appear at the top of the player's list. As a friend logs into the Sports Room a short alert will be heard.
  • Open Chat room
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Catalan
    • French


4 Mindsports to Play

  • Chess
  • Word Games 
  • GO
  • Wordominos


Under each mindsport tab, users have multiple options:

  • Player v Player Challenge - Challenge another user who is online.
  • Player v Computer Challenge (this feature is currently not available in the online GO game) - Play against the computer, this will cost 2 shields to play. Premium members are able to play against the computer without using up any shields. 

Multiple levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced, Professional, Advanced and Expert.

Word Games options: Select time and Select Language (only available to premium members).

Chess option: Select time.

Wordominos: Choose to play a timed or scored game, choose your colour tiles.


    • Tournaments - View online tournaments that are running:
      • Head to head will automatically start once all places are filled.
      • Set timed tournaments will automatically at the stated time and date.
      • Buy-in using stated shields or $.
      • A selection of tournaments will be password protected, to find out more and book your own password protected tournament contact: info@mindsportsacademy.com 
    • My Games - Here members will find their open games. If connection drops games can be found here. Please note the timer will continue to run. Unlimited timed games will be found here.
    • My Friends - Find the list of all your MSA friends, use this feature to start quick challenges.


In Game Features

  • In-Game Chat: All members 13+ will have access to in-game chat. Message your opponent and get to them.
  • In-Game Video Chat: Premium members have access to in-game video chat. During the initial challenge set up, members will be able to check the box for video chat and when entering their game, they will be able to see and speak to their opponent during the game.




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