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Updates, Results and Information

Updates, Results and Information

Find all updates, results and information on the Junior World Scrabble Championships, Nottingham UK 19th - 21st August 2017

Saturday 19th August 2017 – Monday 21st August 2017

The Old Museum, Nottingham Conference Centre, Nottingham Trent University, City Campus, NG1 4BU, plays host to the Junior World Scrabble Championships.


Find all results, information and updates here. Most recent information will be at the top of this article.

Link to Schedule: CLICK HERE

Link to Who's Registered: CLICK HERE

Link to Venue information: CLICK HERE

Link to Pairings and Results: CLICK HERE


Prize Pool: £2,000


Some Photos


21st August 2017


Junior World Scrabble Champion 2017 Matthew O'Connor (USA)

2nd Place Moiz Ullah Baig (Pak)

3rd Place Daniel Henriques (TTO)

4th Place Sohaib Sanaullah (Pak)

5th Place Syed Imaad Ali (Pak)

6th Place Ahad Riaz (Pak)

7th Place Joshua Castellano (USA)

8th Place Abdullah Abbasi (Pak)

9th Place Ali Rashid (Pak)

10th Place Saim Waqar (Pak)


U18 Abdullah Abbasi

U16 Sohaib Sanaullah

U14 Hamza Neem

U12 Syed Imaad Ali

U10 Monis Khan


High Bingo Wali Muhammad

High Non-Bingo Mirza Taha

High Spread Monis Khan

High Win Simal Linjara



20th August 2017

Day 2 Complete

Matthew loses the final game of the day by 2 points to Abdullah Abbasi. 15-1 in this field is a stellar achievement, and more to come tomorrow!

1st Matthew O'Connor (USA)
2nd Moiz Ullah Baig (PAK)
3rd Sohaib Sanaullah (PAK)

High score: 650 Simal Linjara
Combined score: 1101 (Simal Linjara 650-451 Eeman Tariq)
Avg. Score: 462.5 Matthew O'Connor
High loss: 492 Hasham Hadi Khan (vs. Daniel Henriques 522)
Tied game: 311-311 Noor Shaukat vs. Hamza Naeem


An update from JWSC TD, James Burley;
"Just in case anyone is in any doubt regarding the standard of these brilliant young people at the JWSC, I have just recorded the result of 650-451, for a pair of opponents whose combined age is less than 35!" #MSAWSC2017 


19th August 2017

DAY 1 Complete

1st: Matthew O'Connor (USA)
2nd: Sohaib Sanaullah (PAK)
3rd: Abdullah Abbasi (PAK)

High Score: 611 Abdullah Abbasi
Combined Score: 950 (Matthew O'Connor 530-420 Daniel Henriques)
Avg. Score: 476.71 Matthew O'Connor
High Loss: 439 Hasham Hadi Khan v Matthew O'Connor (443)


 Final Round of Day One (apologies for the shaky camera work)


Going into round 6, both players were undefeated. Matthew showing true form and took the round, only 4 points between them.


Youngest Scrabble Players at 8 years old.


The World Champion paid a visit today and was challenged by our very own Sumbul and Tariq


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