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Welcome to Mindsports Academy

Welcome to Mindsports Academy

Find out about all our online features here!


Welcome to the Mindsports Academy, here we have been working hard to develp the mindsports academy site and the online sports room.

Here we will outline our online features, including links to further information and video guides.


Mindsports Academy Main Site

Read, Watch and Learn whenever you choose with our online Mindsports Pages. 

4 Sports tabs to click through; Word Games, Chess, Go and Mindsports. Read related news stories, have a go at the puzzles, watch and read tips and guides to help improve your game. Written by Mindsports Experts and our Mindsports Ambassadors.


Academy Shields

Academy Shields are our fun in-play currency. You can use these to challenge other players, or to gain entry into online tournaments.

The more shields you have, the more opportunities to gain entry into online challenges.

How do they work?

As a free member you will need at least 2 shields to be able to play any of our online games against the computer or when challenging another player. Please note when playing against the computer you will not receive any shields back even if you win. Premium members can play against the computer an unlimited number of times.

Members can challenge other players for shields by selecting the amount in 'BUY IN'. Please note you can only challenge with the number of shields you have available in your balance.

Shields can be used to gain entry into online tournaments and win exclusive prizes.

To read more about Academy Shields CLICK HERE.


Sports Room

Each player logged into the Sports Room will be highlighted in a specific colour dependent on their preferred mindsport:

  • Green = Scrabble.
  • Blue = Chess.
  • Orange = Go.
  • Grey = not specified.

Next to the player's username there are coloured dots, these indicate whether that player is available to be challenged:

  • Green = Available.
  • Yellow = Currently playing a game.
  • Grey = Logged into the sportsroom but no interaction for 30 minutes or have locked their computer.



Video Chat

Premium Members are able to access our in game video chat. A unique facetime experience. 

See and talk to your opponent live as you play in your online game.


Online Tournaments

Every day over the course of 24 hours members will be able to register and take part in online tournaments.

Head to Head and Knockout.

Please note if you choose a set timed and dated game you will need to be online at the stated time as tournaments will start automatically. 

When Full indicates games will start automatically when the last player registers to play.

Watch the video below to view how to join the Tournaments:



Rating System

Our Ranking system focuses on games played in the Mindsports Academy Sports Room, using a formula that is trusted across a variety of sports globally.

The data is collected from Player v Player and Tournament Games.

Ratings are based on the results of games played over time in order to represent the players’ ability.

You will be able to see where you place in the online Mindsports, plus have an Overall Mindsports Ranking.


MSA Wallet

Add real money to your MSA wallet, this will be used to gain entry into online tournaments.

Wallet is shown in $ USD as tournament buy-in is indicated in $ USD.

Once you have received a minimum of $20 and surpased 28 days since your first deposit you will be able to withdraw available funds.


Word Game

Games involving word patterns are the world’s most popular type of game. An estimated 30 million games are played every month both live and online. Our word game is designed for freiendly competiton and to practice your word skills.

The current wordlists loaded are the latest:

  • English - CSW15
  • Catalan - Official dictionary for Catalan Scrabble
  • Spanish - Official dictionary for Spanish Scrabble



Chess Game

The world’s most popular board game with over 600 million individuals playing annually. The earliest predecessor of the game probably originated in India, before the 6th century AD.



Bughouse chess is a variation of chess with two players on each side. Players on each side will play with either white or black pieces, they will not play with the same colour as a player will receive the pieces his partner captures. This means one player can have more pieces on the board than originally started with.


Handicap is our new Chess feature, this allows beginners a chance to play against Grandmasters and have a shot at winning the game.

To set up the handicap, ensure the box is checked and press challenge.

Inside the game both players will be able to adjust their own time, and remove pieces, before pressing the Offer State button.

Once your opponent has set their pieces and adjusted their time they will also Offer State.

Once you have both accepted the game will begin.


GO Game

The origins of GO are shrouded in the mists of ancient Chinese history, but the game is thought to have originated at least 2500 - 4000 years ago. It is the oldest game still played in its original form. Mainly dominant in China, Korea and Japan the game is now spreading globally thanks to the Alpha GO computer built by Google.


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