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My Scrabble Journey!

My Scrabble Journey!

Whats Your Motivation to Play Scrabble?

My Scrabble Journey!

I’m Sumbul Siddiqui, the Youth ambassador of Mind Sports Academy. Let me take you through my journey of Scrabble; how I started playing scrabble and why I played scrabble.

I started playing scrabble when I was 10 years old. It all started on one Friday afternoon when I played scrabble with some of the finest scrabble players in Pakistan. Scrabble wasn’t something new for me, I heard about it all the time. The reason behind this was ‘Third Generation’. My granddad was the national scrabble champion of Pakistan, my dad was a top player of Pakistan, and now it was my turn to continue the legacy. That’s how I was introduced to scrabble.

The journey gets even exciting when I started playing scrabble. As a very sporty girl I was into much more interested in physical sports than mind sports, hence sitting down in front of a board and making words for 50 minutes was a huge challenge for me. Even though I love challenging myself, I needed some kind of motivation to get myself going. I tried to learn words and make it interesting but kept failing, then Tariq Pervez who was the Youth Director of Pakistan Scrabble Association stepped in and changed my perception of scrabble. He gave me tips, he taught me strategies for different games, he gave me challenges to learn words and finally that got me going! He gave me the opportunity to play the World Youth Scrabble Championship in Birmingham, since then to date I’ve never stopped playing scrabble.

Today, I play in the UK and participate in tournaments to enjoy the game and give it my best shot. Sometimes failure drags you down but I always remind myself that he told me “Failure is a major part of success, therefore never give up.” I may not be the best scrabble player around, but I’m not the worst!

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