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How To Use The Mindsports Academy Website

How To Use The Mindsports Academy Website

An overall guide to the website features

The Site

The Website has 4 main Mindsports: Word Game, Chess, Go andMindsports. To acces articles in each simply click on the tab at the top of each page.

There are News Stories, Puzzles, Videos and Tips to view.

In Word Games there are specific language pages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

Some of the content is only accessible for Free or Premium members, you will need to sign up and log in to read further: Register/Log in



To help improve your Word Game we have a selection of useful practice TOOLS these include Collins Official WordCheck, WordSolve and a practice game called Cardbox Play. Read more here: Scrabble Tools


The Online Games

There are 3 games to choose from to Play online:

  • Word Game

In our online tournament game, members will play against another member or against the computer, the dictionary loaded is the latest Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist. This version is CSW15.

There are 29 different language versions. In our online version you can play in English, Spanish or Catalan.

  • Chess

Chess is a strategy based board game for two players. It is played on a chequered board containing 64 squares arranged in an 8 by 8 grid, where each player has 16 pieces to start (one player takes black whilst the other will use white).

Each player has 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently, with the most powerful being the queen and the least powerful the pawn. The aim of the game is ‘checkmate’ the opponent’s king whereby the king is unable to move without being captured.

  • Go

Go is a two player strategy game originating in China, and was believed to have been invented about 2500 years ago. It is known for being the oldest game still being played today in its original form.

While the rules of Go are quite simple, the game itself is quite complex, more so than chess, with more permutations than the total number of atoms in the visible universe.

The game is played between two players, with one player taking white, the other black. The game board consists of a 19x19 grid, and starts off completely empty with players taking turns placing stones on the open intersections of the board. The purpose of the game is to use your stones to surround intersections on the board, known as "territory". Once placed on the board, stones cannot move; however, they can be captured if all of the adjacent intersections surrounding the stone are occupied by your opponent's stones. At that point, they are considered dead, and are removed from the game. The game ends when both players have concluded that there are no more moves of value to be made, at which point the player's territories are counted and the player with the larger territory is declared the winner.

In our online game you can choose which board to play on: 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19.


Academy Shields

Our fun in play currency that can be used to challenge other players, or to gain entry to tournaments. You will need a minimum of 2 shields to be able to play any of the games, you are able to challenge other players live in the Sports Room for shields.

Members can earn shields in a number of different ways:

  • Each new Free Member receives 50 shields.
  • Annual Paid members will receive 500 shields.
  • Monthly Paid Members will receive 50 extra shields.
  • Each day that a member logs into the Sports Room they will receive 2 shields.
  • You will need at least 2 shields to play a game against the computer, please note you will not receive any shields back when you win. As a premium member you can play against the computer an unlimited number of times.
  • Through watching videos, in the main Sports Room, members will receive free shields.
  • Members can challenge other players for shields, up to 500. If you win you will receive double your original stake back.
  • Members can purchase shields by clicking on the purple Purchase Shields button.


Multi Language Sports Room

Working with various teams our sports room can now be viewed in languages other than English. Currently we have Spanish and Catalan.

To coincide with the multi-language Word Game, the developers have incorporated translations into the main area of the Sports Room. Based on your computer language settings, when you log into the Sports Room the information will default to your language. If your language cannot be found the settings will default to English.

To set your language in the Sports Room go to the drop down menu and select your preferred language, once set this will be your log in default.


Sports Room Main Entrance

Before entering into a game here are some of the main features:

STATUS: You can view each player's status when they are logged into the Sports Room:

  • Green (Available) - The player is logged into the Sports Room but not playing a game.
  • Yellow (Playing) - The Player is logged in and playing a game on an active board.
  • Grey (Away) - The player is logged into the Sports Room but the browser is not active.

FRIENDS:  By clicking on the ‘human shape’ a player can request friendship with another player. If accepted this means that upon logging in, a player's friends will appear at the top of the player's list. As a friend logs into the Sports Room a short alert will be heard.

CHALLENGE: Challenge another player currently in the Sports Room or play against the computer. When you are challenged and your challenge is accepted an alert will sound.

Play the Computer: You can play against the computer in Word Game and Chess, there are various levels to choose from - Beginner to Expert


TIMER PROMPT: You can decide between a selection of 12 different timed games, from a quick 4 minutes to unlimited where you can pop in and out at your convenience. Please note if you accidentally close your browser the timer will continue to countdown. You can find your current games in the My Games section.

LANGUAGES: As a premium member, in the Tournament Word Game you will have a choice of languages to play in.

To pick your language preference you will need to check your settings in the My Profile section on the MSA site, simply click EDIT PROFILE and scroll down to tick your preferred language/s.

LOBBY CHAT: Four chat rooms have been applied to the main lobby (English, Spanish, Catalan and French). These are only available to members aged 13 and over. Languages and Chat settings can be modified in a Players profile on the main MSA site.

MY GAMES: Your unfinished games are all stored in the My Games section. So if you are playing a game but have to go to work. Simply close it and when you are ready to play again, go and find it in My Games. This is also useful if you accidentally close your browser or are disconnected. Please note the clock will still be running down on timed games.


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