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Consensus Games

Consensus Games

Join Team MSA and learn from the best

Fancy playing against some of the world's best players?

Consensus games have been running since the start of the year on the
Mindsports Academy Facebook page 
nd are a fantastic and fun way to learn the intricacies of the game.

Everyone is welcome to contribute as we discuss tactics and options, share in the thinking of world class players and vote for each move.

Kay Möller has been on hand with her camera to capture some of the action. Here's a potted history of our ten games this year.

1. Allan Simmons 441 Team MSA 352

Grandmaster Allan Simmons was first to step up to the board.
Allan is one of the founder members of the Association of British Scrabble Players and a prolific author of Scrabble books.

It's a convincing win for Allan. We are still warming up.

2. Lewis Mackay 421 Team MSA 394

ABSP Grandmaster Lewis has been playing tournament Scrabble since the age of ten. He has many titles and was runner-up in the WESPA Championships in Perth last year.

We get a little closer this time.

I confuse everyone with my use of red tiles.
Unfortunately there is no blank tile in the top right corner there. Our move was OVERTHIN and we didn't OVERTHINK it.

3. Stewart Holden 442 Team MSA 372

Will it be third time lucky against an ABSP Grandmaster?

Stewart has represented the UK in two World Championships and is compiler and editor of the excellent Scrabble Players' Handbook, downloadable free from http://www.scrabbleplayershandbook.com/

Another defeat for us. It's time to start blaming the tiles.

4. Team MSA 507 Brett Smitheram 345

Brett is former World no 1, four times British Matchplay Scrabble Championships winner and has played in five World Championships.


The first outing for the emerald green tiles. Brett's late MISCOLOR is not enough to defeat them.

Woo hoo! We had both blanks and didn't allow Brett an E until near the end, but it's a great feeling to get a win.

5. Piotr Andronowski 403 Team MSA 348

We're off to the wilds of Scotland again to meet ABSP Expert Piotr Andronowski, this year's Scottish Open Champion. 

The violent purple tiles make their first and probably last outing.

We manage a late PALETTE but Piotr's earlier FANWISE was too much.

6. Team MSA 455 David Eldar 393

Australian Scrabbler, poker player and ABSP Grandmaster David Eldar won the World Youth Scrabble Championships in 2006 and went on to finish 11th in the World Championships, all while under the age of 18.

We learn some new words with POURTRAY (alternative spelling of portray) and KIDGIE (cheerful) as the green tiles secure our second victory!

7. Team MSA 425 Matthew O'Connor 391

Seventeen-year-old Matthew O'Connor from Syracuse, New York is our youngest opponent so far. Guess which tiles we are using this time?

8. Team MSA 482 Ganesh Asirvatham 413

It's our very own Tournament Director for the World Championships in Lille. Ganesh holds a record-breaking five national titles in Malaysia, represented Malaysia in five World Championships and was runner-up in 2007.

He is one of only two players to get the better of Nigel Richards over more than ten games, with an alarming 24 wins out of 36 games. And he doesn't even have a beard.

Ganesh frightened us with a late almost equaliser of TRIELLA, but finally Team MSA and the emerald tiles proved too much.

9. Posh 'n Freckles 449 Team MSA 447

Our most fun game so far as we take on a couple.
But who are the mysterious Posh 'n Freckles?

The twosome lead all the way until a late PROTEAS almost draws us level, but they press on for the win.

All is revealed. It's none other than Nicky Huitson and Peter Thorpe.

Nicky runs the fantastic resource Scrabble Snippetz 
 a facebook group now boasting nearly 3,800 members worldwide.
Peter will be working with Ganesh as Tournament Director at the MSI World Championships in Lille.

A splendid victory for the pair over Team MSA.

10. Pichai Limprasert 508 Team MSA 503

We're off to Thailand to face the new number one, Pichai Limprasert.

It's a heckuva game with a total of six bonuses and a mindbending endgame, which sees Pichai finding his only possible winning option.


Ten terrific games with four victories for Team MSA. 

We've had the honour of playing some of the world's most talented Scrabblers.
Our next opponent is no exception. Join us on Monday 20th June at https://www.facebook.com/MSIAcademy
for the start of the game.


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