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Travis Woo
Expertise Magic
Travis Wizard (Travis Woo) would like to help Magic: the Gathering players think and feel better. He builds innovative competitive decks and has had success on the Pro Tour and Grand Prix Circuits. He has written strategy for a number of sites, entertains on youtube, and now promotes Mindsports Academy.
Trey Van Cleave
Expertise Magic
MAGIC: the GATHERING EXPERT. Introduced to the game in 1994, I have been to to the top of the competitive mountain and back again. After a recent qualification for PT Sydney and RPTQ invite for PT Honolulu let's see how far back up I can climb. Follow my prep, testing and progress on MSA starting with my current game plan moving forward
Léo Moudou
Expertise Magic
Léo, best known as Moudou, is a French tournament grinder. He loves Modern, Vintage, Standard and Legacy, sucks at Limited and despises Commander, and in wait for good results, he is better known for being one of the most proficient bloggers in France. After writing articles for several websites, he now goes global and promotes MSA.
Josh Kaufman
Expertise Magic
Considers himself best in the world only behind CM Punk. Josh has been collecting MTG and playing it since his first box of Alpha. He has multiple pro-tour appearances and currently uses his background in finance to speculate on the MTG Market, using it to not only make tickets, but also predict the metagame.
Abbie Deleval
Expertise Magic
Your friendly Local Game Store employee. Magic fangirl. Green mage. Secret Blue mage. Social media Queen. Unhealthy obsession with Gaea’s Revenge. Professional TO and a “Baby Judge”. Exactly one month older than Magic. She loves community building and bringing new players into the game. Although she has only been playing since Origins, she has played every day since!
Sandra Regalado
Expertise Magic
Sandra Regalado is a level 3 judge from Spain; She has judged a lot of competitive and professional events, including several Grand Prix and Pro Tours. She is an expert on Rules & Mechanics and has been prolific writer both for websites and written magazines.
Miguel Calvo
Expertise Magic
Miguel Calvo has been playing Magic since 1994, more than half of his life! He has been involved at every possible role within the community: from Player to Magazine Director and moxes.com Webmaster, including Judge and Tournament Organizer.
David Murphy
Expertise Magic
David is a streamer and magic grinder from Dublin Ireland. He has been playing since Scourge but only started to stream and create content last year. Davids goal is to make it onto the pro tour and create magic content professionally. Through his articles and his videos David wants to share his playing experience and growth as a player with you. Check out his work to see his journey to the pro tour.
AJ Sacher
Expertise Magic
AJ Sacher is a Magic writer, caster, streamer, video-maker, and player known for his theory and analysis. He has two Grand Prix Top 8s and 15 SCGO Top 8s with two wins.
Lee Murphy
Expertise Magic
Bob Lynch
Expertise Magic
Bob has played Scrabble since he was five-years-old and Chess since he was seven. His parents raised him using cognitive games as parenting and education tools. Bob was introduced to Magic in September of 1993, and that has been his game of choice ever since. Though he did enjoy a professional Magic career for a short period, Bob prefers the educational and social aspects of cognitive games. He has started multiple gaming clubs which include Magic, Chess, Scrabble, and others in several secondary and higher education institutions. Bob received his Doctoral degree from Lindenwood University. His dissertation is titled Higher Education Perspectives: Magic the Gathering’s Role in Whole-Person, Academic, and Career Development.

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