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Tamas Fodor Looks Back At His Achievements In Qatar.

Tamas Fodor Looks Back At His Achievements  In Qatar.

Tamas took part in the Chess Championships

The tournament went really well for me and I very much enjoyed my stay. As a professional it always affects my enjoyment but fortunately everything went well.

It was a lovely tournament, with a lot of different time limits which created an interesting change to my stay.

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The tournaments ran smoothly, there was a delay on the first day but that is expected at the start. 

The venue was in the Doha exhibition and Convention Center. There were various mindsports tournaments taking place at the same time. This gave me a great opportunity  to check out some other mindsports.

During the opening ceremony, I was given the chance to play a simultaneous game with some of the other players, playing against the guests/diplomats.

The highlight of the trip for me was the 2 blitz tournaments. It was the perfect end to a week of Chess.  

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The only thing which I had to get used was the weather it was very hot and humid!

It was a great event, allowing me to see Doha/Qatar, and see a new part of the World. I hope there will other events coming up like this.

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