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Black To Play And Draw

Black To Play And Draw


Black to play and draw in the diagram below.

For the hint and the answer, look below next diagram.








Hint: Black needs to manage to be able to play Kf7 after White plays Kxh7, see diagram below:


Here it is White's move so white must play Kh8. After White plays Kh8, Black has two ways to draw:

The first way to draw is to play Kg6 attacking the White's h6 pawn and if White then plays h7 then Black plays Kf7 where white cannot move any of his pieces so it's stalemate, hence draw.

The second way to draw is to just to play Kf8, back to f7, back to f8 until White pushes his h6 pawn to h7 where Black will go back to f7 and it will be stalemate, hence still a draw.

So now you know the reason why Black want's to manage to play Kf7 after White plays Kxh7 but the question is how does Black do that?






Answer: 1...Ke4! 2.Kf6 Kd5! 3.Kg7 Ke6! 4.Kxh7 Kf7! and we should already know why this position is drawn.

If Black had played 1...Kf4? then White can play 2.Kf6! and now White is winning because no matter what Black does, White will play 3.Kg7 4.Kxh7 and Black will not manage to play Kf7 here because he is one move to slow therefore White's following moves will be 5.Kg7 followed by pushing his pawn to h8 and promote the pawn into a Queen and White will soon mate Black.

If Black played 1...Kf4? and then White played 2.Kf7?, then Black can manage to draw again with 2...Ke5 or 2...Kf5 where the game would follow 3.Kg7 Ke6 4.Kxh7 Kf7 and we should know this position is drawn.

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