Arzachena Tournament

Arzachena Tournament

Great Fun


Hi everybody!

I had a brilliant tournament in Sardinia, a beautiful island in Italy.

The tournament was held in Arzachena (, between 21st and 25th April.

Before we went, there was an online competition for a “Golden Ticket”: A chess website, called put for grabs a free entry to the tournament inclusive of free accommodation and full board for the best reply. I simply had to send them a letter, explaining why I wanted to go to the tournament and I was selected! I could not believe it.

We booked our accommodation, which was very close to where my friends were staying. I had so much fun. I was always with my friends either playing chess or playing football. It was really great.

We could see the beach from our mobile home, the water was amazingly blue. It was slightly cold at night, but we had fantastic weather and I got a bit of sun tan because I was always outside.

I wanted to win 5 games out of 7, but I got 4.5/7… I wasn’t over the moon but it was not a terrible result as I gained some more Elo points and I had a couple of very interesting games.

I received a trophy and some money. I got 5th place for Bucholtz, but same points as 4th place. Not bad! I am happy about it.

When the tournament was over, I was quite sad to go back home, to leave my friends behind, but I have to prepare now for another A Levels exam in Maths, so I have to work hard. I can’t wait to play another tournament.



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