What Are Academy Shields?

What Are Academy Shields?

Play, Win, Earn


Academy Shields are our fun in-play currency. You can use these to challenge other players, or to gain entry into online tournaments.


How do they work?

As a free member you will need at least 2 shields to be able to play any of our online games against the computer or when challenging another player. Please note when playing against the computer you will not receive any shields back even if you win. Premium members can play against the computer an unlimited number of times.

Members can challenge other players for shields by selecting the amount in 'BUY IN'. Please note you can only challenge with the number of shields you have available in your balance.


How do I win/earn shields?

Members can earn shields in a number of different ways:

  • Each new Free Member receives 50 shields on initial sign up.
  • Monthly Paid Members will receive 50 extra shields.
  • Annual Paid members will receive 500 shields.
  • Each day (24 hours), when logging into the Sports Room, members will receive a daily bonus of 2 shields.


  • Through watching videos. In the main Sports Room, members will receive free shields from watching videos, when they are available. Simply click the yellow Watch Video button.


  • Win shields when challenging another player. Members can challenge other players for shields, up to 500. If you win you will receive double your original stake back.


  • Members can purchase shields by clicking on the purple Purchase Shields button.


Your shield balance can be viewed when you log into the Sports Room.


Start earning shields now by logging into the MSA Sports Room:


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