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Michael Fodera

I got started in the game at the age of 13 after reading the Manga Hikaru No Go. Had the lofty notion in my mind that I could travel to Asia, study as an Insei (a Go student) and become professional in a matter of years. Began throwing myself into the game, every weekend, every day after school... I improved rapidly and within a year started teaching at the NY Go Center. After a few years, I burnt out and needed a break

In College I was invited to China to participate in friendship games with local students. After being shown how weak my level was compared to China, I was reinvigorated. Not in becoming a better player, but in getting more people involved in the game.

With the help of the Shanghai Go Foundation, I Co-founded the American Collegiate Go Association, a group based in the U.S., promoting the game amongst college students in the west. This became my passion. Giving players the same opportunity I had to see how wide the world of Go is.

Michael Fodera

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