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Wellington Jighere

My name is Wellington Jighere. I'm a Nigerian, based in Abuja. Other than Scrabble, which I play professionally, I also play Chess quite avidly. Playing Chess is the one singular hobby I enjoy the most. Being the first African to win the WESPAC Scrabble Championship in 2015, I thereafter set up the Wellington Foundation for Scrabble and Mind Development in Africa where our prime objective is to help young Africans discover and live up to their full intellectual potential through the instrumentality of such mind sports as Scrabble and Chess. The realization that Africa is always having to look outside for solutions to our challenges sickens me to the bone, hence my lifelong commitment to promote the mentality that we can actually look inwards someday for solutions if only we can help ourselves tap into that limitless potential, our minds!
Wellington Jighere

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