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Waseem Khatri

I am 28 years old, a Scrabble coach by profession and a resident of Karachi, Pakistan. It all started from my home when my cousin introduced me this wonderful game at the age of 8. At 14, I played my first tournament and performed poorly, losing all the rounds. But it never let me down, instead, infused a spirit in me to fight, fight and fight until I became the best, and my hard work paid off when I was crowned the youngest National Scrabble Champion of Pakistan at the age of 18. That was not the end! I have bagged 8 of the last 9 national championship titles being the only Pakistani to do so and have travelled to the UK, UAE, Czech Republic, France, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India for international tournaments including 5 World Championships
Waseem Khatri

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