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Moiz Ullah Baig

I am 19 years old, pursuing a Bachelor’s in Materials Engineering and currently living in Karachi, Pakistan. I started playing Scrabble at the age of 8 but didn’t enter the mainstream Scrabble until 14, it was after my win at the Inter-School Championship that motivated me to compete with the adults and I somehow managed to beat the then national champion, Waseem Khatri, in my very first game. Now I am ranked 2nd in the country behind Waseem Khatri and have travelled to the UK, UAE, Australia, France, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka, for playing 3 World Championships, 2 World Youth Championships and a couple of open tournaments. My notable achievements include winning the World Youth Championship 2013, finishing 15th in the World Championship 2016 and being the runner-up in the National Championship 2015 and 2016.
Moiz Ullah Baig

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