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Welcome to the Mindsports Academy!!

Play live Scrabble, Chess, Go and Magic against our global community or take on the computer in multiple languages on multiple devices. Take part in tournaments, challenge your friends, or simply learn new techniques to improve your own game.

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Latest Mindsports News

Learn Go in 15 minutes

Go Learn Go in 15 minutes

Learn how to play Go in 15 minutes.

By Anne Willis

The Good, the Bad and the Smugly

Scrabble The Good, the Bad and the Smugly

In the Mindsports shootout, there are only ever 3 types of character hoping for the treasure....

By Daniel Stembridge

Your First Tournament

Chess Your First Tournament

A few important things you need to know. Every single player that has been looking into chess for some...

By Mateusz Kolosowski



Instant Go Set

Go Instant Go Set

A free printable Go board (and stones)

By gogameguru


How To Get Better At Go

Go How To Get Better At Go

One of the most common questions people ask us is something along the lines of “how do I get better...

By gogameguru

Opening Theory

Chess Opening Theory

Slav Defence Exchanged variation

By Mateusz Kolosowski

The Twos

Scrabble The Twos

Collection of 2 letter words to learn

By Natalie Zolty

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