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Updates and Announcements

Mindsports Updates and Announcements

**WSC and JWSC Final Announcement 13th June 2017** Find all updates regarding the Mindsports World...


An interview with Joel Wapnick

Scrabble An interview with Joel Wapnick

One of Scrabble's true legends talks to the Academy

By Daniel Stembridge

Deck Of The Day #19 - Assaulting Standard

Magic Deck Of The Day #19 - Assaulting Standard

Standard is full of options! Already tired of Standard? Check this deck from the...

By Miguel Calvo

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Sumbul looks forward to Qatar

Mindsports Sumbul looks forward to Qatar

Mindsports youth Ambassador Sumbul Siddiqui looks ahead to the Mindsports World Championships...

By Sumbul Siddiqui

Go for Beginners Tutorial 2

Go Go for Beginners Tutorial 2

A video tutorial by Jonathan Markowitz

By Anne Willis

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Instant Go Set

Go Instant Go Set

A free printable Go board (and stones)! This is a free printable Go set (Go board and Go stones) which you...

By gogameguru


Chess Puzzle

White to play and mate in 6 moves

By Ieysaa Bin Suhayl

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Starting a Challenge

Go Starting a Challenge

How to start a challenge in the MSA sportsroom


How to Play Go

Go How to Play Go

How to play Go step by step. At the end of the game, the players count one point for each vacant point inside...

By Anne Willis

102 Pawn Endgames

Chess 102 Pawn Endgames

Endgame studies - evaluate the position and find the right continuation

By Mateusz Kolosowski

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