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Comparison Between Chess And Go

Go Comparison Between Chess And Go

Chess and Go are unquestionably the two finest strategic board games in all of human history.

By Milton N. Bradley

Welcome To Mindsports Education

Mindsports Welcome To Mindsports Education

If you are a teacher, parent or student Mindsports Education is for you!

By Natasha Duncan

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How To Join A Chess Tournament In The MSA Sport Room

Chess How To Join A Chess Tournament In The...

View instructions on how to join a Chess Tournament in our online sports...


Mindsports World Championships FIFA

Mindsports Mindsports World Championships FIFA

This is the first time ESports have been a part of the Mindsports World Championships....

By Natasha Duncan

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Instant Go Set

Go Instant Go Set

A free printable Go board (and stones)! This is a free printable Go set (Go board and Go stones) which you...

By gogameguru

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Starting a Challenge

Go Starting a Challenge

How to start a challenge in the MSA sportsroom


How to Play

Go How to Play

You have decided to learn GO. Learn how to play here...

By Ju Yeon Ko

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